I’m Falling!

Due to a severe lack of blog interest! ************ May the Modern Geeks inherit the Internet May the Fools inherit the Stools May my blog be finally be put to rest I tried but am just a posting fool! 1. Arrogance 2. Wise ass attitude 3. Politics 4. Worldview 5. Constipation 6. Diarrhea 7 Any…… Continue reading I’m Falling!

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Please Forgive Me!

For I know from where your politics flow! Please Forgive Me …… For your anger and rage that never goes! Please Forgive Me …… For I know why you’re constipated and never go! Please Forgive Me …… You impersonal “I Don’t Know!” 🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…🙌🏼🎊…? Can You Trump That!?

Amy Barbera: The Artist in the Spotlight!

AMY’S AWESOME NEW MUSIC UPDATE…🎶🎶🎶  YAY!!!!!! My Friends I’m EXCITED To Announce That I Was Chosen As … THE ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT” By Radio Indie International Network This Week! It Was Such An Amazing Surprise! 😊🎶🌟 THANK YOU From My Heart For Believing In Me & My Music…Angelo Petruzzi & Phazes McKenzie II 😊 You Guys Are The BEST &…… Continue reading Amy Barbera: The Artist in the Spotlight!

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