Supporting Each Other…🤗

Another Cute Judy Lee gem: We need to help each other instead of just living for ourselves! Helping each other through our walk through life: laughing with each other; … Supporting Each Other…🤗 The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have…

Oreo, the Best Dog in the World?

A Cute Judy Lee post: We love Oreo, the best Havanese dog in the world! She loves bacon, chicken wings, pizza crust, white tissues and hard salami. Oreo thoroughly enjoys … Oreo, the Best Dog in the World? She indeed sees Dead Lizards!

When the Rains End!

When the rains end When the dark clouds part May the glorious Sun shine down and Warm your healing heart! And may the sun shine down and heal our nation’s heart! A revisit to a previous post…🤗

Get Your Morning Dew

Morning dew can be a positive omen that the future is bright. Dreams of dew a reflection of your mind and current state of life. So dreaming of dew during the night may be your mind’s desire to get things right! ************ Really cute dew … and ladybugs too! Just like to spread some quiet…

We We’d! We Pooh’d?

We we had…We we could…We we should! We we should have looked under the hood! Inspired by a Cute Judy Lee email ever so misunderstood as I did read sitting on the stool misquoting Winnie the Pooh like a childish fool! “If you weren’t you, then (we) we’d all be a bit less, um… we…”….

Just a Few Miscellaneous and No-Underwear Wearing Blogging Awards

Real and imagined from South Florida, WordPress, Earth, Mars and the Multiverse of Madness Beyond: Courtesy of Dr Strange and other paranormal entities in my hellish dreams, nightmares and subconscious schemes! But the most cherished and noteworthy are the: 👻…🙌🏼…🎊🤗🎊…🙌🏼…👻 You’re either out-of-the-box, in a casket box, and/or completely out-of-your-mind!

You Say What? Nevermore?

When In Doubt… “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” “Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore.” “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.” “The Raven” Quotes by Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849 And may this collage be hidden so discreetly…

Are Your Eyes Shining?

Who am I if my wife’s eyes are not shining? Who am I if my children’s eyes are not shining? Yes! Who am I, really, if my eyes are not shining? Am I angry? Am I dead? Have I stormed the Capital causing so much fear and dread? If so… Tis maybe far better I…

Just Three Typical Blind AC/DC Ducks

A nursery rhyme for a nursery dick …… no duck: Three blind ducks, Three blind ducks, Hear how they quack, See how they run! They all ran after The farmer’s wife Who tried to cut off their heads With a carving knife Did you ever see Such a pitiful sight in your life As three…