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I Am a Disposible Coffee Cup!

They say,

I am not microwaveable.

I am a disposible coffee cup!

They warn,

I am hot and spill-able.

I am just a coffee cup!

My contents wake you up

feed your addiction.

I am a sad coffee cup!

When you’ve

had your fill of me,

you toss me like trash!

I am now a useless coffee cup!

I am now a pitiful coffee cup!

Soon, I will no longer be a coffee cup!

I will be a disposed coffee cup!

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You’re Unforgivable!

None of this is really true!

You’re Unforgivable!

That’s what you are!

You’re a bad man!

If there’s a women, you’ll see em!

Woman everywhere, woman in Korea, church ladies, old ladies using crutches or walkers; even aliens from outer space!

You’re a disgrace!

If it’s wearing a skirt you think you’re Captain Kirk.

A whore-mongering womanizer who needs to be totally circumsized so you never, ever get another rise!

I wish that weren’t true!

Pam this; whispers that; machines or whatever humming clandestinely in the night!

That’s a fact!


I Love You Too …… Dear!

Yes! My wife says I’m Unforgivable…

So in her honor, I offer a little song for her soul!


(Not ever sung by Nat King Cole)

That’s what I are
Tho’ near or in my car

Like the garlic smell that clings to me
How your thoughts do things to me
Never before or never sense
Has someone like me, been more…

In every way
Forever a whoremonger
That’s how I’ll NOT stay

That’s why, darling, it’s regretable
That someone like you, so Unbelievable
Thinks that I am

An Unforgivable fool!



You’re Not Funny!!!

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Please God Forgive!

A Prayer Truly Worth Repeating:

Please God,

forgive my arrogance,

my smugness

and my sin!

Righteous God,

forgive my vanity,

my rudeness

and my whim!

Holy God,

forgive my impulses,

my urges,

yes again, to sin!

And finally,

Glorious God,

forgive my vain-glory,

my conceit,

my pride –




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Homeward In Leaps and Bounds!

This doodle doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense! What are you trying to say?

Well ……

It’s like my life of 78 years.

No clear purpose or goal you see.

Random this …

Pitiful that …

Once pulled

a rabbit

out of a hat!

Ate too much …

Got too fat …

Raised some dogs

psychopath cats!

Worked in a Korean

weather station

infested with rats!

Was once attacked

by a scary red-eyed bat!

Had a shotgun

blow up

in my face!

But escaped

still part

of the human race.

Got married twice you see …

The first a flop …

The second a breeze!

Raised two daughters

both doing quite well.

Blessed with two grandsons

also doing swell!


but not

with a lot to do …

So I’ve turned

to art



walking barefoot

without shoes!

The end is near!

Some angels

I do

occasionally hear.

Or is that just gas

passing from my rear?

Yes, my mind is slipping

as I’m getting too old!

May God have mercy

on my




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Peaches And Cream! Mate

Another blast

from the recent past

much needed because

some of my recent posts

have been much too dark

lacking spark

even mocking Noah’s Ark


a tad obscene!



Puppy dogs tails

fluffy kittens

fluttering butterflies

peaches and cream

topped with a cherry or two.

May your life

be filled with



contentment gleam!


like the colors

of peaches and cream.

But what about

“Cakes and Ale?”

Some Aussie bloke

did scream!

Well mate,

“It’s different in the US ……

It does truly seem!”


may your life

be like a stroll

on the Boardwalk

in Atlantic City

before all that

gambling and crime

ruined that city.

One big bowl

of peaches and cream

topped with cherries

and fine wine!


If only a fruit of

whatever kind

would taste as sweet

as peaches and cream

served with

Yes …

Barbera Regional Wine!


Now that’s Enough!!!

The Peanut Gallery

did loudly shriek!

So I’ll leave it at that

post the usual crap

for the rest of the week!