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Writer’s Block? Are You Kidding Me!?

There should be no such thing as writer’s block, you see!

There are endless possibilities there to easily see.

About a third of my posts start as replies to other people’s posts.

Some from a

common phrase,

book title,

song title and lyrics

neat word definition, synoyms turned up-my-down or sideways you see!

A picture

a tune

a dream



ghostly sight!


Writer’s block should be a thing of the past!

If you just treat

your creative constipation


always wipe you ass!

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The Doubter’s Creed!

Just My Own Personal Faith-filled Opinion!

More and more

people today

don’t seem

to believe in



or Hell;


surely not

a Holy Trinity!

But to me


do seem

to worship

in their own

personal way.

In their worldy church

I might say.

And many

even seem

to have

their own


holy trinity:

In the name of

the self

…. the power

…….. and the holy dollar!


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All Peaches and Cream Tuesday!


Puppy dogs tails,

little kittens,


peaches and cream

topped with a cherry or two.

May your life

be filled with



contentment gleam!


like the colors

of peaches and cream.

But what about

“Cakes and Ale?”

Some bloke did scream!

Well mate,

“It’s different in the US …… it seems!”


may your life

be like a stroll

on the Boardwalk

in Atlantic City

before all that crime!

One big bowl

of peaches and cream

topped with cherries

and fine wine!


If only a fruit of

whatever kind

would taste as sweet

as peaches and cream

topped with

Yes …

Barbera Wine!


Now that’s Enough!!!

The Peanut Gallery did loudly shriek!

So I’ll leave it at that

post the usual smorgasbord

for the rest of the week!

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A Total Eclipse of the Mime?

Sometimes my mind does get foggy

And the words don’t come around

Every now and then I get a little bit lonely

So I listen to my favorite soulful sounds!

The drama begins and my gestures do abound

My expressions movements mimic the sound

And low and behold

It all does come around

causing a Total Eclipse of the Mime!


A total eclipse of the Clown!