Exclusive Childhood Scenes and Screams #1

Bonny Prince Harold Richard lording over his princely domain. *** The church and the steeple but what, pray tell, about the people? ****** A barnyard owl, a hoot and a howl!!! ********* A young Pee Wee her doghouse on a leash sad alone… Why? Anyhow! ****** Asleep at my open bedroom window a beckoning from…… Continue reading Exclusive Childhood Scenes and Screams #1

Oh, Donnie Bird …… 🍀🌹🥀

Inspiration and underlying photo courtesy Sandra: https://intothelightadventures.com/preparing-for-take-off/ Please! Please! Not another stupid song parody? YES!!!!!! Oh, Donnie Bird, the sandpipers, the sandpipers are cawing From Glen to Dale, and Biff ‘down by the river side.’ Tis summer’s gone, and all the leaves are falling, Tis you, tis you must go. And me? Commit suicide! But…… Continue reading Oh, Donnie Bird …… 🍀🌹🥀


Most definitely one “hot and spicy” soulful New England Seafood Restaurant! And the Nova Scotia honeymoon was okay too!