Along Life’s Mysterious Path👻🌈

A beautiful rainbowa starry, starry sky another walk along life’s mysterious path!🌈…🌄…🌈…🌃…🌈 A DonyazCorner Reblog It’s a new day with new light new possibilities and a new way for you to walk a clean path. Do it, take that walk-Donnie Sharrell Corner Quote

Happy Mother’s Day From Amy Barbera!

For Cute Judy Lee: A nock and cranny of comfort, warmth, relaxation and wistful, reflective thoughts … Attached is my Special Mother’s Day Collage I made for Mom for Mother’s Day and here is what I posted on social media for Mom too!! “Happy, Happy, Happy Mother’s Day To The Most Precious, Cutest & Sweetest…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day From Amy Barbera!

It’s Those ‘Lizard Chasing’ Puppy Dog Eyes

Dogs seem to make those puppy dog eyes for the benefit of us humans. And for Oreo those oh so tempting lizards she spies. Yes! They rarely use that entreating facial expression when on their own, a recent study has shown. It has long been assumed that animal facial expressions are involuntary and dependent on…… Continue reading It’s Those ‘Lizard Chasing’ Puppy Dog Eyes

The Blog From Psycho!

When in doubt … Do Nothing! Ghost Ted Says: 🎈👻******************** Psycho Blog Quotes:Norman Bates: People always mean well. They cluck their thick tongues and shake their heads and suggest oh, so very delicately… Norman Bates: Mother! Oh, God, Mother! Blood! Blood!! Norman Bates: A boy’s best friend is his mother. Norman Bates: We all go a little mad sometimes.…… Continue reading The Blog From Psycho!

The Traditional Colors of Korea

In 1969, the United States of America (USAF) landed me in Taegu, South Korea: now Daegu! What are the traditional colors of Korea?White: The most commonly used color in Korea. Koreans were sometimes referred to as “the white clad people.” The color white symbolizes purity, innocence, peace and patriotism. Traditionally, white represents the element metal and…… Continue reading The Traditional Colors of Korea

A Butterfly Cosmic Map

A stunning image taken by the European Space Agency (ESA) GAIA Space probe. This image shows a massive star cluster of 1.7 billion stars in our own Milky Way Galaxy backyard.Added my own butterfly images to fill in some of the void between the cluster images because it ‘kind of’ looks like fluttering butterflies in…… Continue reading A Butterfly Cosmic Map

Why Did Mom Duck and Her Seven Ducklings Dare Cross the Road?

Because it was there? No! Because that’s what ducks do! Today she has seven cute ducklings Tomorrow maybe five The next day a lucky three And the day after that? Maybe one lonely duckling with momma by her side! Why you ask?People too clueless and crass who don’t have the time or inclination to stop…… Continue reading Why Did Mom Duck and Her Seven Ducklings Dare Cross the Road?

It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

Now… Oreo doesn’t cotton toother dogs … you see! When she spots any other dog she goes crazy Havanese! Barking, yelping, pulling at her lease wanting to attack “that other dog” crazy!But when she spotted this one particular white charismatic Shih Tzu dog ……And when he dared to show her his tongue …… It was…… Continue reading It Was Surely ‘Love at First Bark!’ ♥️💕❤️

Aw! A Sunday Surprise Brunch!

Alligators are large, aquatic reptiles.They live in and near water. Alligators are crocodilians in the genus “Alligator” of the family “Alligatoridae.”The crane is in the genus “Goner” of the family “Sagatoriusbrunch!” And this here crane (a real Goner) is just about to become Sunday Brunch! And these ducks? Well, they just look on! Or is…… Continue reading Aw! A Sunday Surprise Brunch!

Ehh, What’s Up Clock?

What do you do…with an olde Grandmother’s Clock that no longer ticks that has lost its’ tock? You make it into art of sort! Exposing what is good and even sometimes some warts! And when you pull back, what do you get and what do you see? Oh woe…oh woe…oh woe is me!

The Green “I’m Free at Last” Rock!

I did, indeed, encounter a funny thing during my morning unconstitutional walk! I literally found myself: Between a Green Rock and a Strange Hard Place! But eventually God did intervene to the Rock’s delight! Free! Free! Free at last! Oh! Thank God! I’m Emoji Free … At Last!Martin Luther Green Rock, Jr

Reblog of Modern Im-Plas-ti-istic Art!

Just five plastic cups with a story to tell: What can you do… with a kitchen table, an antique blanket, five plastic cups, emojis, and other miscellaneous shit? Are you messin’ with me!?Apparently… very little you do say!? When I lose myselfin meaningless squibbles, Mother Mary comes to me whispering ‘Words of Wisdom’ Please! Do…… Continue reading Reblog of Modern Im-Plas-ti-istic Art!

Cute Judy Lee on Christmas Day!

Cute Judy Lee looking really good indeed considering she fell on her head on Monday morning was bleeding profusely, non-responsive and couldn’t move on her right side. She suffered a stroke and it looked hopeless and grim indeed! But tPA to the rescue does bust and push the blood clot away! Four days later and…… Continue reading Cute Judy Lee on Christmas Day!