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This Time With Feeling!

My thanks to Charles Dimwin:

“If you like this, you’re not very intelligent!” So says my wife.

eEverything has only led to noNothing!

Information is not knowledge. It is just a dim shadow of the reflection of knowledge!

Or is that a reflection of the dim shadow of knowledge!?

Only ‘The Shadow Knows!!!’

Just say ‘Ho!’ No you can’t say that! It’s not politically correct!


Santa Claus, himself, was murdered in Chicago last Christmas Eve for just ringing a bell and saying, ‘Ho Ho Ho,’ in the wrong neighborhood!

Question not!  You see!’

Cause computers only give you the answers!

The Mantra of Our Time: … “Think Not! … Understand Not! … Say Only Not!” ……. and then run for political office!

Recording life with selfies has replaced ‘real’ life! Or is it, ‘reel’ life!l

Are we just streaming this … and streaming that … and learning naught!

The Machine Stops Here!

Yes, machines are ‘tech-no-logy’ which is just another word for ‘no-ology-what-so-ever!’

Computers have led to the the death of ‘movie critics thinking!’

No! That’s ‘critical thinking!’

We are only living in a faint stimulation of the dim reflection of the ‘reel’ world!

Didn’t you already say that!?

In the hood … On the hood … Surviving in the hood as best we could! ……. (South LA Confidential in the Hood)

There is no past! No present! No future! Just a Big Bang!


Cosmological Philosophy? …

No! History, as taught in today’s schools!

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Ghost Reflections Off the Mirrors of Our Mind!

What you see …

What you experience …

What you feel, touch, taste, sense, hear …

in so-called reality …

is just our mind’s

best guess

of what really exists.

We see holograms …

We see hallucinations …

We see our conscious

interpretations of what

may or

may not

really exist!

What I see

may be experienced


projected differently

in my mind

than in your mind.


slightly different colors …

shades …

shapes …

images …

A different World!

We see not from the ‘outside-in!’


We see from the ‘inside-out!’


Without these holograms …

Without our controlled hallucinations …

Without our consciousness …

there is no Real World!


And as

I’ve posted before…


we just see

Ghost Reflections


the Mirrors


Our Mind!


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Anxious About Anxieties?

Wit and Wisdom for the Average Person:

(Even) my anxieties have anxieties!

Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask ‘Where have I gone wrong’, then a voice says to me ‘This is going to take more than one night!’

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

I’ve developed a new philosophy. I only dread one day at a time.

The Wisdom of Charlie Brown

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Tickle My Neurons, Please!

A work of art, music, a majestic vista, a group of animals—tickle the neurons in our heads the most.

And recent research has shown that humor and laughter may be the healthiest things our brains can experience.

So boldly jest where no one has dared to rib-tickle before!

Embrace the absurb, inappropriate, and unusual …

Be different …

Draw a cartoon …

Think Out-of-the-Box …

Break wind in a crowded elevator …

Post a joke …

Exercise and stimulate your Humorocampus (?) to alleviate the cognitive symptoms of depression!


Laugh, activate your brains, tickle your neurons, and enhance your well-bring!


Reader’s Digest, September 2019, Laugh Yourself Smarter: How Humor Builds Brains.

Adam Piore

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The Post That Contained the WordPress Sea!

The title of The Post That Contained the WordPress Sea comes from a Gufi concept: in the same way that every word of our posts contains the essence of our blog, and inside every blog is the essence of all of humanity.

In keeping with this idea I’ve introduced a water theme and woven subtle variations throughout my posts. My blog, therefore, contains all seven concepts of the major scale-four relgions with three mirroring the flow of ideas through the multi-Universe, and representing the vast ocean of melodic possibilities contained within the spiritual realm when hummed using the E minor scale.


How’s that for philoshopical BS?