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Killing Me Softly … With Hard Salami! 🎼…🎸…🎷

A Parody inspired by the song, Killing Me Softly, as sung by Roberta Flack!

Peeling off the salami slices with my fingers

on bread with brown mustard I thee make

Killing me slowing that salami

Killing me softly that processed meat

Shortening my whole life maybe by years

Killing me softly with it’s calories, fat, sodium and pork and beef!


I do love that salami!

And so does Cute Judy Lee and Oreo the emotional suppot dog … a Cuban Havenese!

Good grief!!!

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A Friday Prayer

As I Post Into the Valley of Snideness

My Lord will guide me

I will feel no ill will

My fingers on my iPhone

And a prayer

From my heart

Will give me comfort

As I click my life away

The minutes, hours, days

In a glorious daze

In a gentle gruff


Sometimes even in the rough!


No picture please!!!


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Just Blowing in the Blog!

How many posts must this poor man post

Before they ‘like’ him I fear

How many words must he tearfully pen

Before they give him a hand

How many times must those pathetic words be written

Before he’s not forever banned

Oh yeah let me tell you that

The answer my follower is not blowing in this blog

The answer is not blowing in this blog!