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You’re Unforgivable!

None of this is really true!

You’re Unforgivable!

That’s what you are!

You’re a bad man!

If there’s a women, you’ll see em!

Woman everywhere, woman in Korea, church ladies, old ladies using crutches or walkers; even aliens from outer space!

You’re a disgrace!

If it’s wearing a skirt you think you’re Captain Kirk.

A whore-mongering womanizer who needs to be totally circumsized so you never, ever get another rise!

I wish that weren’t true!

Pam this; whispers that; machines or whatever humming clandestinely in the night!

That’s a fact!


I Love You Too …… Dear!

Yes! My wife says I’m Unforgivable…

So in her honor, I offer a little song for her soul!


(Not ever sung by Nat King Cole)

That’s what I are
Tho’ near or in my car

Like the garlic smell that clings to me
How your thoughts do things to me
Never before or never sense
Has someone like me, been more…

In every way
Forever a whoremonger
That’s how I’ll NOT stay

That’s why, darling, it’s regretable
That someone like you, so Unbelievable
Thinks that I am

An Unforgivable fool!



You’re Not Funny!!!

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A Starch Is Born!

That Lady Gagging and Bradley Pooper:

Singing their hit single “Swallow!”


Tell me somethin’, fool
Are you happy eatin’ starchy food?
Or do you like it strained
Not chunky, gunky, sticky like a messy ghoul?

I’m starving
It’s diner time I find myself
Ever longin’ for pasta fazool
And in these hungry times I fear myself

Tell you something, boy
Aren’t you tired tryin’ to fill that void?
Or do you crave much more?
Ain’t it hard keeping it down your stomach Not on the floor?

I’m up-chucking now
In the hungry times I find myself
Starving for pasta fazool
And so hungry I fear myself

I’m off the table cloth, watch as I fall
Crash off and hit the floor
Crash my skull on the floor please don’t Hurt me no more

We’re far from a swallow now

Unable to swallow, swallow
Unable to swallow, swallow
Unable to swallow, swallow
We’re unable to swallow now

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Woe is we!

I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I’ll going to meet that ground
Crash hard on the floor, where it really Hurts us far from a swallow now

Can not swallow, swallow
Can not swallow, swallow
Can not swallow, swallow
We’re retching & choking in the swallow … Now!

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What Kind of Mutt I Be?

What Kind of Mutt I Be?

That’s never had real love

that’s been spayed

hence never laid

never had any dog hugs!


What kind of fool I be?

Just a barren shell?

A lonely dog

forced to sleep on a filthy rug

‘a scratching fleas!


What kind of lips are they?

That lie with every word.

That say “I’m man’s best friend”

but always leave me alone

straining hard

not to pee

on that damn rug!


Why can’t I have a life?

Like any other dog

so I’ll know what kind of mutt

I really be?