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Cute Judy Lee Song!

Recently bought an Electronic Keyboard and therefore like to play with my organ.

So to speak!

No lessons, just playing without rhyme, reason or spicy seasonings!

This is a tune I like to call ‘Cute Judy Lee’ humming as she merrilly strolls down the lane you see!

Aware that few or if any will even listen or see!

Check out “Cute Judy Lee” by “Hal Barbera” on #BandLab –

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Good … Good … Good … Good Digestion!

Somewhat like Good Vibrations … The Beach Boys:

This is the Beach Balls version:

Gotta keep that lovin’ good digestion a-happenin’ with my stomach
Gotta keep that lovin’ good digestion a-happenin’ with my bowels
Gotta keep that lovin’ good digestion a-happenin’


Good, good, good, good digestion (Oom bop poop)
(I’m pickin’ up good digestion) (Oom bop poop)
The stomach is giving me excretions Excretions (oom bop poop)
Good, good, good, good digestion

Do do do do do, do do do (Bop bop-bop-bop-bop, poop wee)
Do do do do do, do do do (Bop bop-bop-bop-bop, poop and pee)

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Just One…🎸🎺🎼 … Please!

I posted my best
But I guess my posts weren’t good enough
Cause here I am: few likes no comments like before

Seems nothin’ ever changes
I’m back to being friendless
Wondering if I ought to blog
Or delete and just walk off the WordPress floor

Just One

Can’t figure what I keep doodling wrong
Why my posts never ‘sing a song’
Yes! What am I doodling wrong

Just One

Can’t figure how to finally “write it right”
Make the dopamine last for more than just one like
If I could just get to it
I know I could finally break through it
(Hmm hmm)

Just One …………

I do want to understand
Why I’m firing blanks posting crap
Why … can’t I get myself in hand
And admit to myself, my wife and my mother
That I’m no good as a blogger
Take my best and spread the butter
Find a way to get my shit together


Can’t I find a way to finally “write it right”
Make the dopamine last for more than just one like
I know I could break through it
If I could just get a few followers, reads, likes, and comments


Whoa oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh …… I can get to it

Juuuuussssttttt one!


👏 ……🖕🏼


Isn’t this downright plagiarism!?

Say what!?

Somewhat like a James Ingram and Quincy Jones Song

Songwriters: Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
© DYAD Music Ltd

Please donate on my blog to help me cover my legal fees!

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A Post Is Not A Fence!

Sing to the melody of Luther Vandross’, A House Is Not A Home!

A post is just a post

even though they’re

no one reading there

but a post is not a fence

and a fence is not a blog

when there’s no one there

to read your post

and no one there

that really cares

enough to comment

and click a like!


Reply courtesy of Goff James

Ah Yes
A post is just a post
But two posts or more
I swear
Make a fence so true
Whether in a straight line
Or in the round
I’m bound
To state the fact
A post is just a post
Yet more
A fence create!


And a cat on a fence

with fence posts

is still a spooky cat


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For Once In This Post! 🎼🎹🎷

Inspired by the song, For Once in My Life! A swing song written by Ron Miller and Orlando Murden for Motown Records’ Stein & Van Stock publishing company, and first recorded in 1965.

It was first recorded by Barbara McNair, but first released in 1966 by Jean DuShon. Other early versions of the ballad were issued by The Four Tops, The Temptations, Diana Ross and Tony Bennett, whose recording was the first to reach the pop charts.

And yes! Who can forget Stevie Wonder!


This is my rendition recently released by Bastardized Records, LLC!


For once in (this post) …

I have something (maybe) worth (posting)

Something (surely lacking) (before) …

For once (unabashed)

I can go

where (this post) leads me

and somehow I know (I’m not wrong)

For once I can (write)

what my heart (could only scheme) of …

Long before I knew …

(Ouch) …

Someone (informed or deformed)

like you …

(Oh) my dreams

(have finally) come true!

For once in (this post)

I won’t let (bad vibes sting) me

Not like they’ve (Ouch) …

(stung) me before

For once I have someone

I (hope) won’t

(eventually unfollow) me …

(So) I’m not

(Hopeless and Friendless In Seattle)



Actually I’m old and senile and live in South Florida!

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Amy’s Global Music Award!


SUPER EXCITED To Announce The BIG NEWS That My Inspirational “Make Me A Butterfly” Music Video Is A 2019 “GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS” BRONZE MEDAL WINNER!!!!!!!!

My Winning Entry On The “Global Music Awards”


Amy Barbera, Inspirational Singer and Songwriter, “Make Me a Butterfly.”

Songs available on YouTube!

Also Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and beyond!


I Can’t Tell You How HAPPY I Am & How Thankful To God I Am That The “Global Music Awards” Judges Selected My “Make Me A Butterfly” Music Video As WINNER!! I Was In Such Shock When I Found Out The Amazing News!!

I Am So Honored To Be A Bronze Medal Winner Of The “Global Music Awards” Because They Are Music’s Golden Seal Of Approval And They Are Recognized By Billboard & Many Other Big Music Industry Professionals All Over The World!

This Week I Received My Winner’s Certificate Award As You Will See In My Post Pics & I Also Received A Special Congratulations Letter In The Mail From The President & Co Founder Of The Global Music Awards Thomas Baker, Ph.D. 
In The Letter Thomas Wrote…….
“Dear Amy 
Congratulations, You received Global Music Awards’ honors! The judging is complete and the results by category is that your “Make Me a Butterfly” music video is a Bronze Medal winner. You can be justifiably proud of receiving Global Music Awards honors. The judging standards are high and being honored means the craft and creativity of your entry is outstanding.”