A Bavarian Sugar Cookie Day!

As Harold took a bite of Bavarian sugar cookie, he finally felt as if everything was going to be ok. Sometimes, when we lose ourselves in fear and despair, in routine and constancy, in hopelessness and tragedy, we can thank God for Bavarian sugar cookies. And, fortunately, when there aren’t any cookies, we can still…… Continue reading A Bavarian Sugar Cookie Day!

Plan 9 From Outer Blog… Space!

Plan 9 From Outer Space: 1959 Drama/Fantasy/SciFy (1h 20m)So horrible that it is a good flick to end the day! The epitome of so-bad-it’s-good cinema, “Plan 9 From Outer Space” is an unintentionally hilarious sci-fi “thriller” from anti-genius Ed Wood that is justly celebrated for its staggering ineptitude: sorta like most of my posts! Evil…… Continue reading Plan 9 From Outer Blog… Space!

A Strange Hand ‘Born From the Shallow Now!’

Picture was scribbled while watching the movie “A Star Is Born!” The 2018 Drama/Romance, Staring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga! The film landed eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Song for “Shallow.” But …… won only one for Best Music! This Strange Hand…… Continue reading A Strange Hand ‘Born From the Shallow Now!’