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The Big 5-0-0!?

After 8 months of blogging, I posted my 500th post today.

To quote my wife, Cute Judy Lee, my biggest and dearest supporter:

Big friggin’ deal!

You are doing too much. It’s very extreme and all about you! And you like to make other people feel like shit!

I think all that acupressure; tapping on your head; and writing backwards, upside down and every which way with either hand, and dare I say your right foot, has seriously scrambled you brain!

Are there any people in the whole-wide world that resent you for acting so biggedy-big!?

Well, are there!?

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Dah … The Sequel!

Isn’t it supposed to be duh or uff-da or huff-da …. Duh!?

Yes! My posts are mainly dah-huff-da-uff-da-upUrs-da!?


In a little over 5 months, I have amassed over:


8,100 visitors (a few paranormal visitations)



2,600 comments (a few were middle fingers)!

All for a total of 348 posts with an average of 68 words per post!

Now is that dah or duh or just do-do-dah!


You know you truly do deserve both the Dah and Overbearing Blogger Awards!

You are a triple Dah A-Hole!

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“The 500!” The Movie? No! The Blog!

A representative sampling of my followers.#

After four months of blogging…a milestone of sorts. You see, about three and a half months ago, somebody who was a blog stalker of sorts unfollowed me with a vengeance.

Must have been something I said in a reply to one of her comments. At the time I had less than 30 followers. Her final words were basically:

Nobody wants to follow you because you are mean, negative and stupid!

Well! I must have a lot of mean, negative, stupid followers!

Whoever or whatever you are, thanks for following me and your likes and encouraging comments!

NOTE: # Yes! Most of my followers are AI EMOJIs!

Yes! What’s it all about, Postie!? Is it just for the ‘likes’ that you live?🎼🎷🎹