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Fruitful, Fruitless, or Just Fruity Loops?

How am I doing on my 4-month blogging anniversary!?

Over 21,500 views



6,400 visitors

295 posts


Am I fruitful, fruitless or just Fruity Loops, you say!?

Well! I hope my posts have a delicious fruity taste; refreshing fruity aroma; and bright fruity colors. And hopefully and most definitely a few fruity-tootie:


to the point

no holds barred





Not large numbers in the overall scheme of things.

But ‘Not Too Shabby’ since early on I was bluntly told:

Nobody wants to follow you because you are mean, negative and stupid!


Que Surah Surah!

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“The 500!” The Movie? No! The Blog!

A representative sampling of my followers.#

After four months of blogging…a milestone of sorts. You see, about three and a half months ago, somebody who was a blog stalker of sorts unfollowed me with a vengeance.

Must have been something I said in a reply to one of her comments. At the time I had less than 30 followers. Her final words were basically:

Nobody wants to follow you because you are mean, negative and stupid!

Well! I must have a lot of mean, negative, stupid followers!

Whoever or whatever you are, thanks for following me and your likes and encouraging comments!

NOTE: # Yes! Most of my followers are AI EMOJIs!

Yes! What’s it all about, Postie!? Is it just for the ‘likes’ that you live?🎼🎷🎹