In Remembrance of Veterans Day!

Wednesday, November 11, Veterans Day 2020 in United States: Since its founding in 1776, the United States has fought in about a dozen major wars—and intervened militarily on hundreds of others—with every generation of Americans witnessing combat in one form or another. As such, tens of millions of Americans have suited up for the armed…… Continue reading In Remembrance of Veterans Day!

Close Encounters of The Scariest Kind!

A few Close Encounters of the Scariest Kind!But the scariest by far was the squirrelly, squirrely squirrel! With my Sicilian Grandmother a close second! Hell! In comparison to my grandmother, the grey alien was kind of cute! Maybe my Nonna had some squirrelly squirrel DNA! Notes:Squirrels get very angry when they return home after a…… Continue reading Close Encounters of The Scariest Kind!

Those Ghostly Ways!

Do we sometimes spend our days haunted by the ghosts of our parent’s ways? Who themselves were maybe haunted in a similar way. And ‘around and around’ it goes to our dismay! But for those doctors and psychiatrists it’s a bonanza payday!

Highlights: Scenes and Screams From A Normal/Abnormal Life!

Chapter 5: South Jersey Tales:__The Only Game In Town! —Jumping Bloody Muddy Stumps! —The Strange Incident at Silver Lake! —I Do Apologize, Sunfish and Bullfrogs! —The Catfish’s Second Chance? —The Cowardly Fat Future All-State Lineman! —I Shed-Tears for Puppy-Eyed Love! —A Dangerous Shotgun Misfired in My Face! __Night Terrors and Dark Man Cometh! —The ‘Shed-Door…… Continue reading Highlights: Scenes and Screams From A Normal/Abnormal Life!