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Hello? Is Anyone There!?

Not to long ago, if we saw somebody “walking and talking” aloud to themselves we would assume they’re maybe crazy!

But now in the age of hand-machines like the iPhone, we do think briefly,

‘Is he or she crazy?’

But quickly realize they are just “talking to someone while walking or even driving” with a foggy brain and glazed eyes!

Yes! We surely realize they’re not crazy!

No … No … No!

They’re more likely semi-stupid!

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Sometimes Do the Unexpected!

Just an old coot’s reminisces from my life and job experiences for what it’s worth!

Doing your job as expected will help you keep your job. And with a little luck and perseverance will move you up the ladder to relative success.

But doing the unexpected on your job will get you noticed.


Don’t just do your job and hope someone in the ‘Great Above’ will notice you.

Do it in a way that will be hard for them not to notice!

Now, if I could just do that on my blog. I might have a bigger blog following!

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🥕The Semi-Vegan Doodle🥕

A healthier doodle for a healthier life:

Just don’t eat the paper it’s created on unless you suffer from pica!

The Exclusive Recipe Follows:

Start with a sheet of organic paper.

Soak with several Q-tip dabs of organic, cold-pressed fruit juice; black seed oil; extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered of course; and white distilled vinegar.

Cover with an organic mix of chopped carrots, celery, onions, green peppers and a strawberry for the nose.

Add crushed crackers or pretzel pieces. (Come on! We do need some carbohydrates and sugar to give it a little flavor!)

Sprinkle with spices: ground black pepper; cinnamon; iodized sea salt; and ground turmeric.

Add a few emoticons and scribbles to give it more artificial features.

Impress two wet kisses to form the ears!

Pray to your God or to yourself if you don’t have a god.

Go for a 30-minute walk to clear your head. You’ll definitely need it!

Then enjoy at your own risk!