Be Happy in a Heavenly Manner!

A Cute Judy Lee post: Live in a Heavenly Manner. Focus on the good in Life. Try to be happy. Be very nice to your family. Try not to worry. Enjoy your coffee every day. Try to be happy in a Heavenly Way! As you Always Pray! — Read on

The Good Life …

Is laced with good relationships …… Is laced with spirituality …… The good life also has it’s risks …… To quote Henry David Thoreau, Essayist Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion….

God’s Love is With Us Always!

God’s Love is With Us Always! By Cute Judy Lee: God’s Love is With Us Always! — Read on I am grateful for God’s Love. He walks with us each and every day. He is with us in times of trouble and in happy times. We never have to walk alone.

Love Is! ❤️…❤️…❤️

Love Is … Oh, So Important Love Is … What Keeps Us Alive Love Thrives … Love Never, Ever Dies Love Gives Us Faith To Survive Love is … The Best Thing Life Has To Offer Anywhere … Anytime! — Read on❤️-❤️-❤️/

Stay in the Race! Imagine that you are running a marathon. You take off like a rocket. The crowd is cheering. Adrenaline keeps you going at the beginning, but you lose momentum midway through the race. Despite the challenge, you are determined to finish in first place. Although you trained for endurance, everything changed when you stepped on…

The Journey Begins!

Excerpts from Julie Barbera’s book released on September 6, 2019: Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection Shatter An Illusion of Perfection Many miss gems searching for pearls at the bottom of the sea. Every dream unrealized is like a masterpiece never painted, a hit song never sung, a great book never written. Every dream realized began with…