Pinks They 🤡 Really Do Exist!👽

The Octagon finally admits:They’re real … Pinks Exist! The US military has officially published three UFO videos. Why doesn’t anybody seem to care? I knew it all along! You do know you’re bonkers, don’t you?Look! Galaxies are categorized according to their visual morphology as elliptical, spiral, or irregular. … This follows a 2016 estimate…… Continue reading Pinks They 🤡 Really Do Exist!👽

Why Do You 👉🏽 🧐 Sometimes Hate My Posts?

Wait! The heading is just some clickbait to try to get you to click on and read this post! And to release some dopamine for a quick fix before you continue, a little bit let down, on your merry way. This particular ‘little news day!’ As I’ve posted too many times before, we now have,…… Continue reading Why Do You 👉🏽 🧐 Sometimes Hate My Posts?

Declutter Your Life to Make Space for Clarity

From the pen of Julie Barbera: It’s Saturday evening, and some friends are coming over for a get-together. Busy with preparation, you rush around to make sure everything is perfect. It has been a while since you have had anyone over. Life has been busy, and you hadn’t even noticed all of the clutter lying…… Continue reading Declutter Your Life to Make Space for Clarity

Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

When you have little else to post: Procrastination is the story The garage the excuse Don’t get depressed Don’t worry As he slowly Tied the noose! To 1972italy _____________ The Universe is one big song uni – one; singular verse – sung like a song ____________ But: That’s another blog That’s another tear (That) I…… Continue reading Some Replies, Some Thursday Quotes!

Politics as Usual or is it Unusual?

What do you getwhen an extremely ultra-liberal women with ten (count ’em) pinkies marries an extremely ultra-conservation man who likes to pass right-leaning stinkys? U.S. Politics As Usual!And what really is worse? The politics or the stinkys! Yes! Tis better to ‘lean’ than to be a ravenous ‘Worldview and Politics’ fien…fean…fiend… No, dammit……FIENE! Cute Judy…… Continue reading Politics as Usual or is it Unusual?

A Sea of Blue Skies Reblog

Never Do TodayWhat you can Procrastinate and Never Do Tomorrow! Hopefully dear reader, by the time that this post is up, my essay will have figured out how to write itself, references will be arranged … The Grief Reality… A Sea of Blue Skies

Maybe It’s All Just Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

It’s the News at 7:Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”Mark Twain’s Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review. To which…… Continue reading Maybe It’s All Just Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

It’s Just Antique Unique!

Older Homes are neat antique. Older homes are better built. History echos from the past. And even an occasional Ghost. What a Blast! Read the PatientandKindLove post: They moan as darkness settles in, Some say it’s pipes and floorboards, Settling as they cool. But we all know the… the house is alive! Now the attic…… Continue reading It’s Just Antique Unique!

You Say You’re What!?

Genetically, I’m a Mixture of White/Brown/Black (What About Green?) Italian/Greek/Sicilian Iberian Peninsula Hispanic North African English/Irish Western European Germanic Ashkenazi Jew Retired Old Coot and Wise Ass Harmonic Singer Jazz/Rock Saxophonist Professional Keyboard Pounding Former USAF Weather Observer/Officer Retired Computer Consultant/Project Manager/Computer Programmer with over 95% of my DNA noncoding and some of that most…… Continue reading You Say You’re What!?

Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

A truly ‘immoral dilemma’ question for all you flipping sage bloggers of the philosophizing persuasion! ⁉️ ⁉️ ⁉️ An out-of-control trolley is about to cause bloody animal carnage and destruction! You must think fast and make a snap life-and-death decision! Now!!!Would you kill the Squirrelly Squirrel in the cage; crush the Daffy Duck; or save…… Continue reading Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

A Duck Called Bill 🦆

Not much has really been said about that duck called Bill So …… let’s leave it at that and move on Quackery Quack! ************ Dedicated to the follower who commented, “Your posts need more fiber!” ************By the way …… A duck has water-proof feathers. There is a special gland called the “Preen Gland” near the…… Continue reading A Duck Called Bill 🦆