Do What The Filthy Rich People Do!

There Are 8 Things the Filthy Rich People Do That the Poor People Don’t Do! 1. Lie 2. Cheat 3. Steal 4. Make a lot of money 5. Cheat on their spouses (no everyone) 6. Make even more money 7. Bribe politicians & the entire legal system 8. Blatantly get away with it! As aContinue reading “Do What The Filthy Rich People Do!”

Please Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk!

I guess blogging has morphed into Twitter! This is an exchange on a recent blog post: (My over the top reply for which I should surely die!) To hell with politics… To hell with Democrats Republicans Socialists Conservations Communists Independents Feminists Asskissinists and Boy and Girl Scouts everywhere! Blog for Blogging Sake and divorce theContinue reading “Please Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk!”

Am I or Are You Well Adjusted? Really?

I consider myself to be basically a well-adjusted old man in a totally screwed up sick worldwide and politics society! Is it China Syndrome; Coronavirus pandemic fear; the Network News, or is it the viruses of greed, self-interest or selfish-ism! Yes! Have I, myself, caught one of these isms!? Even The Shadow may not know!Continue reading “Am I or Are You Well Adjusted? Really?”

Wednesday Quotes for the Insane!

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. Narcotics Anonymous …… 🥴 ______ The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept. George Carlin … 🗣👤 The Hippy, Dippy Weatherman … formerly like me! Tags: humor, insanity, lies, lying, self-indulgence, truth ______Continue reading “Wednesday Quotes for the Insane!”

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Toilet Paper!

What has happened to all the toilet paper? Where has all the toilet paper gone? There’s rioting in the stores, malls, and any place where toilet paper is sold! You can see the desperation in their eyes. Oh, the horror! Yes! Give me liberty but also give me all that toilet paper you have! OrContinue reading “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Toilet Paper!”

Hoo-Ah … Hoo-Ah … Are You Looking At Me!?

Try as I might My Sicilian temper Sometimes makes me A scary, frightful sight! Al Pacino, Robert De Nero and me Three basically the same age & DNA mix with Al Pacino And “ Are you looking at me?” From “Taxi Driver” “Hoo-Ah … Hoo-Ah”. From “Scent of a Women!” It’s me You looking atContinue reading “Hoo-Ah … Hoo-Ah … Are You Looking At Me!?”

Hey! Hear Me Out Please!

A post for the day before the New Year, 2020! Inspired by deeply shredded, d_vyang_talks, The Mask! Also to carry on the spirit of Bharath Upendra, Bharath’s Banter into 2020 and Beyond! Did I somehow steal their thoughts!? ************ Like He, She and/or It said: Yes! I’ll Die For You! Hey! I tried to treatContinue reading “Hey! Hear Me Out Please!”

What’s Up With Earth?

Even Earth Has Faults: North American Plate (to much individualism) African Plate (blame it on Colonialism) South American Plate (Tacos and Volcanos) Pacific Plate (slightly slanted) Weird Earth Mind Faults: Cryptozoology – the study of unknown or ‘hidden’ creatures, like the Loch Nest Minister, Big Thing and the ‘new’ New Jersey Devil (Holy Chris Christie).Continue reading “What’s Up With Earth?”