“The Damn News at 11”

Your Typical Network Doodle News Reader (usually formally a Weather Reader): “News at 11″An expression of total non-surprise at the revelation of something that is supposedly new and/or exciting, but is actually old hat. Often used in a sarcastic context. Person A: “A new report just released says that the sky is blue.” Person B:…… Continue reading “The Damn News at 11”

The Lost Art of Inane Poetry!

My Special Loving Hallmark Card: Nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award even thou I was deemed Inane! Nominated by the Dumbestblogger of Dumbest Blog Ever fame. So here is my silly, stupid, inane, insane post that I do so ineptly defame! LOL!************ To All: The Tall The Fat The Short The Obese (Those That Bark!)…… Continue reading The Lost Art of Inane Poetry!