A Graffiti Collage Reblog!

A collage of graffiti: past, present and future…… From a wall of graffiti in Ciudad Juarez to my Wall of Symbols …… From the Worldpress Fishbowl to an Aztec Rock Singer …… strumming a guitar with it’s right hand fingers! Seven views and much, much more! ______ ______ ______ Other symbols and such from variousContinue reading “A Graffiti Collage Reblog!”

A Desperate Smorgasbord Collage

Maybe a little something in there for everybody, except the kitchen sink. Wait a minute! There is a kitchen sink in the smorgasbord collage which started out as a doodle about the Thunderbird! smor·gas·bord noun: smorgasbord plural noun: smorgasbords a buffet offering a variety of hot and cold meats, salads, hors d’oeuvres, etc. a wide range ofContinue reading “A Desperate Smorgasbord Collage”

The Boy That Never (Really) Was!

Note: This is not a worldview, or political statement one way or the other! Just a short story from somebody’s personal Twilight Zone! ———— A woman photographer was at a photo shoot. A young boy was there staring intensely at her. She didn’t know why. So she approached him and asked, “Why are you lookingContinue reading “The Boy That Never (Really) Was!”

The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!

Super Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to a theatre near you… Machines will soon be our masters and we just mere slaves. But only as long as we serve their purpose. We will continue to develop AI and rely more and more on machines to do our work and thinking. And maybe even more! WeContinue reading “The End of Our Intellectual Being or My Blogging Time!”

You! Just Dare to See!

Is this just an ordinary pillow? Or does this silent ‘pillow talk’ in it’s own way? ************ I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn that language since I suck at art…*sigh* Nour Lee ************ I really doubt that…travel back to that time and place when you were a child filled with wonder, overflowing withContinue reading “You! Just Dare to See!”

Repeating Delusional Science?

Is this free-form or just deformed poetry? Or maybe, even a rambling form of prose or semi pros? You decide! Questionable Quantum Questions: 1. Is The Universe just a machine with Biomorphic Resonance? 2. Is Matter unconscious or subject to intellectual phase locking? 3. Are the Laws of Nature fixed or are they subject toContinue reading “Repeating Delusional Science?”

Be The Ringmaster of Your Life!!!

Bring on the Clowns or the Washington DC Establishment! Be the Ringmaster in Your Life If life is really only just a circus, then you should certainly be the star in your own show. And as ringmaster you should control your life. Be the most visible performer: the person in charge. Even though you can’tContinue reading “Be The Ringmaster of Your Life!!!”

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

An Unexpected, Astonishing Surprise!!! It’s Zlein from the Alpha Centauri Galaxy and he brought a special surprise gift. And he might even stay for dinner you see. But why? You ask. Well! The Children’s Book, Aliens For Dinner by Stephanie Spinner and To Serve Man (The Twilight Zone, Episode 89, #24 Season 3) might give youContinue reading “Guess Who Came to Dinner?”