The True Horror of STD! 😱

HAL’s Believe It or Don’t Believe It Cause I Don’t Give a Damn! Come on man! Did Wilt Chamberlain Really Sleep With 20,000 Women!? Dah…Surely not sleeping sleep!At 7’1″, Wilt Chamberlain may have been the most dominating and amazing basketball player of all time. In his legendary career, Chamberlain scored 31,419 points, including the unbelievable…… Continue reading The True Horror of STD! 😱

On This Silver Lake!

In Clayton there was Silver Lakerestricted for lake residents to partake. But there I did secretly escape to fish, swim, stump jump and camp for God’s sake! Once I even crashed through the ice in the back portion of that lake and a future high school lineman did abandon me frightened for his own sake.…… Continue reading On This Silver Lake!

Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

There are three classes of people: those that see, those that see when they are told, and those that do not see… Leonardo da VinciAnd may I add another special class: those bloggers that ‘like…like…like’ even though they only rarely see. And that sometimes was once even me! Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April…… Continue reading Da Vinci’s in a Mirror Image Darkly Revisited!

The Jamaican National Bobsled Team After Coronavirus!

Back by unpopular demand in 2021:The courageous Jamaican National Bobsled Team during the Winter Olympics, Lake Placid, USA. One of the most dangerous sports where they can travel at speeds of up to 90 MPH. Wait a minute! That doesn’t look anything like a normal bobsled. And aren’t there only suppose to be 2 to…… Continue reading The Jamaican National Bobsled Team After Coronavirus!

In Remembrance of Veterans Day!

Wednesday, November 11, Veterans Day 2020 in United States: Since its founding in 1776, the United States has fought in about a dozen major wars—and intervened militarily on hundreds of others—with every generation of Americans witnessing combat in one form or another. As such, tens of millions of Americans have suited up for the armed…… Continue reading In Remembrance of Veterans Day!

What a So-Called Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

Albert Einstein today as a child would probably be on drugs diagnosed with ADHD or Autism! He didn’t talk until 4. His grandmother called him ‘thick’ or not very smart. He repeated words and sentences over and over until he was 7. Maybe he had a form of autism. He didn’t learn to read until…… Continue reading What a So-Called Loser Was Albert Einstein!?

My Yiddish ‘Nonna’ With Knockers!

Definitely outdated humor…well past it’s time! And it may be oh so politically incorrect! As am I?Did you know that on the 1930s/1940s Borscht Belt Comedy Circuit that Jewish women comedians were often referred to as Menstruating Minstrels? Wait a minute! Were there really Jewish women comedians during that ‘period!’ Wrong again Schmuck! There was…… Continue reading My Yiddish ‘Nonna’ With Knockers!

The Goblin Hallow Ghost!

Thanks to hannawylie, Smalltownlore: Goblin Hallow Murder It was about 160 years ago that Ann Beaton was ruthlessly murdered with a grubbing hoe on a warm spring day in May, 1859. The settlement then known as Orwell Rear (present day Lyndale) was left shocked and saddened by the brutal murder of 40 year old Annie Beaton.…… Continue reading The Goblin Hallow Ghost!

General Tso’s Fast Food Restaurant Not Near Yu!

General Tso’s chicken is s popular sweet deep-fried chicken dish that is served in North American Chinese restaurants. The dish is named after Zuo Zongtang (also romanized Tso Tsung-t’ang), a Qing dynasty statesman and military leader. However, there is no recorded connection to him nor is the dish known in Hunan, Zuo’s home province. The…… Continue reading General Tso’s Fast Food Restaurant Not Near Yu!

Just A Siegfried Pillbox!

Across the Nims River… Blue Battalion, Company A… A pillbox, a bunker in the woods… Heavy fire… No time to think… Taken… But at great cost! ************ The 304th Infantry, Forward In honor of Frank E Knapp, Regimental Chaplain’s Assistant Father-in-Law “To all those and to scores of others, who are, unfortunately, too numerous to…… Continue reading Just A Siegfried Pillbox!

Random Family Shots Misfired!

The two Great Sicilian Earthquakes: one natural, the other on ‘that’ wedding night! The immigrant’s American Dream: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for Papa John’s Pizza! Un ragazzo; due cappelli fantastici; e un “cane fatto” della mafia chiamato Guido! ************ A beautiful mind wasted …… The Godfather violin teacher ………… Continue reading Random Family Shots Misfired!

Some Discovered Art Gems

In Remembrance: Shown below is some of the Art Work of my father-in-law, Frank Knapp, formerly of Hagerstown, MD, USA. ************ Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart composing: From his time in the 304th Infantry Regiment during WWII as a T/4 Chaplain’s Assistant, From Normandy to Berlin. From his time as a pianist/organist working for Moller Pipe Organ…… Continue reading Some Discovered Art Gems

Who Really Killed Tesla’s Pigeon!?

Are you out of your friggin’ mind!? Nikola Tesla was mortified! Or was it electrified!? Yes! Who did it? The government? Thomas Edison? A peregrine falcon? The Atlanta Falcon’s? Retribution for her role as a WWII War Pigeon behind enemy lines? Vote!!! Awaiting the final tally from the Pigeon Gallery! Nikola Tesla quote: I have…… Continue reading Who Really Killed Tesla’s Pigeon!?

Taegu City Snapshots, 1969!

Random street scenes, Taegu, South Korea, circa 1969. Name changed to Daegu, April 13, 1981. Why? Why not! The land of kimchi, bibimbap, bulgogi, stir-fried noodles. And don’t forget: “You number 10 one cheap GI.” What time BX open?” Where BX means the Taegu Base Exchange. Yes! America landed on the Moon in 1969. Me?…… Continue reading Taegu City Snapshots, 1969!

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

KISS is an acronym for “keep it simple, stupid” or “keep it stupid simple”. It was a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and unnecessary…… Continue reading Keep It Simple, Stupid!

On This D-Day – June 6

Art of Frank Knapp, WWII: June 6, 1944: Four years and two days after Allied forces evacuated from the European mainland, they return in the Normandy landings, the largest amphibious military assault in history. By the end of the day, 5,000 vessels land 160,000 troops on the French coastline, launching the push to defeat Germany.

Good Night, Mrs. Calabash! Good Night, Free World!

James Francis (Jimmy) Durante was an American singer, pianist, comedian, and actor. His famous sign off to his 1950s TV show became another familiar national catchphrase: Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are! What follows is definite opinion:Was Mrs. Calabash “Made in China?” No. Not then! But most likely today! And if things remain the…… Continue reading Good Night, Mrs. Calabash! Good Night, Free World!