Touched By Dreaded iPhone Touch Disease!

First diagnosed in 2013 after a homeless man got severely ill after being licked by a totally stir-fried Kentucky Finger-Licking Chicken! In this case, the stupid chicken was a-licking an iPhone screen! You mean to tell me that chickens have tongues! Yes! But only The Infamous Kardashian Chicken known for it’s long protruding twitching tongue,…… Continue reading Touched By Dreaded iPhone Touch Disease!

A Starch Is Born!

That Lady Gagging and Bradley Pooper: Singing their hit single “Swallow!” 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Tell me somethin’, fool Are you happy eatin’ starchy food? Or do you like it strained Not chunky, gunky, sticky like a messy ghoul? I’m starving It’s diner time I find myself Ever longin’ for pasta fazool And in these hungry times I…… Continue reading A Starch Is Born!