Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi!

我是狗,聽到我在叫! I Am Dog Hear Me Bark!!!Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi Master Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that seeks to provide complete personal dog development. It includes exercises for the body, the mind, self-control and concentration. It is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercises designed for relaxation, balance and…… Continue reading Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi!

Three Simple Words That Could Change Your Life!

(An Updated Reblog)Why spend most of your life trying to change the emotional baggage that is ruining your life. Spending thousands of dollars on meds and on doctor’s who could maybe send their children to medical schools just based on your prescriptions and procedures alone! Reading books on How To; seven steps to this or…… Continue reading Three Simple Words That Could Change Your Life!