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Tai Paw Chewon!

I Am Dog! Hear Me Bark!!!

Tai Paw Chewon is an ancient Chinese art that seeks to provide complete personal dog development. It includes exercises for the body as well as a mind and a self-control concentration process.

It is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation, balance and overall Caninese health.

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Three Words Guaranteed To Change Your Life!

Why spend most of your life trying to change the emotional baggage that is ruining your life. Spending thousands of dollars on toxic medications; and on doctor’s who can send their children to medical schools just based on you alone!

Reading books on How To; seven steps to this or the ten steps to that! Motivational tapes; special healthy milk shakes; weekends with gurus, charlatans and fakes.

You see! Your actions are only controlled by your conscious mind about 5% of the time. The remaining 95% of the time it is the subconscious that runs your life. And the subconscious does not cotton to all of the above.

The subconscious mind consists of programs (the habits) that constantly and even unknowingly keep you going and do the things your conscious mind can not do.


So what are the three words guaranteed to change your life!?

Just Do It!!!


What!!! Are you kidding me?

Actually, even this won’t work unless you can rewrite the subconscious programs that really run your life. And most of theses programs are written during the first 7 to 9 years of your life!


So in order to really change your life, you have to do some personal research of your own on how to rewrite these damn programs!


I wonder how many followers I’ll lose on this post!!?