When the Rains End!

When the rains endWhen the dark clouds part May the glorious Sun shine down and Warm your healing heart! And may the sun shine down and heal our nation’s and Surfside’s heart! A revisit to a previous post…🤗 Holy G says;We all need to be reminded that some day, sometimes sooner than we might think,…… Continue reading When the Rains End!

But Should Your Objectivity Be Damned?

Is it “politics as usual” today?Each side seems to care more about the faults of the other side than the faults of it’s own side! If you share my worldview and politics you can do very little wrong! But is you don’t share my worldview and politics? Well, you are most assuredly wrong! And the…… Continue reading But Should Your Objectivity Be Damned?

A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

The whole darn family was there!It was just your typical “run of the milk” Sunday Brunch! Even my dog, Pee Wee, did munch and crunch at the “Sunday Come to Monday” Brunch! It’s in the genes you see! ************ More Southern “over-fried” emoticon variations on a theme screams!************ Onward Christian Wood Chucks Marching as Before…… Continue reading A Holy Sunday Brunch Collage!

When the Rains Return to the Clouds!

When you pray over water the water absorbs and welcomes your prayers so that when it evaporates it carries your prayers into the sky the Universe for all to share and again condenses to form the clouds to complete the spiritual cycle! Yes when the rains return to the clouds your prayers are answered and…… Continue reading When the Rains Return to the Clouds!

An Owl’s Red Sky Delight!

Red sky in the morning, Eagle take warning! Red sky at night, Owl’s delight! ************ Have you ever heard anyone use the above proverb? Hell No!!! However, Shakespeare did say something similar in his play, Venus and Adonis: “Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field, Sorrow to…… Continue reading An Owl’s Red Sky Delight!

Easter Blessings

A Cute Judy Lee post: Jesus is the light of my life. His heart is so filled with love. I need his support in my life. Easter is the season where Jesus’ dying on the cross … Continue… Easter Blessings

Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

Interesting…thought provoking…and seriously…Inspired by Magellanic Cloud!Of… dark energy, dark matter, dark empty space… So many conclusions … scientific delusions … weary theories made in haste… Some think this, others think that, Oh, their egos, scientific conclusions, it may all be a waste… Yes!? What is the answer? What is it really about? Is anyone really…… Continue reading Then Again, What is it All About, Selfie?

Cute Picture of Oreo and Psalm 91 Prayer Video!

Amy Barbera has created this comforting Comforting Prayer Video below reading the Bible Scripture Psalm 91 while her song, The Healing Song, is playing in the background. 💗✝️🙏  II Know We Are All Going Through A Very Hard Time With This Corona Virus Epidemic & We Need God’s Comfort, Reassurance, Healing & Peace More Then…… Continue reading Cute Picture of Oreo and Psalm 91 Prayer Video!

Hey! The Doubter’s Creed Don’t You Say?

Just My Own Personal Faith-Filled or Half-Baked Opinion! More and morepeople today don’t seem to believe in a Creator, especially, a God Heaven or Hell; and surely not a Holy Trinity! They do proudly say!But to me many do seem to worship in their own personal way. In their worldy churchI might say. And many…… Continue reading Hey! The Doubter’s Creed Don’t You Say?

It is Love and Grace!

It is Love and Gracethat leads her to the Door. Not Nature that’s for sure. 💫✨💫 Her soft handtouches hard, cold stone. Wind swirling, she stands alone. 💫✨💫 She holds inwardlysilent cries for her child. Yet still manages a faint, but loving, mother’s smile! 💫✨💫 But didn’t Love and Gracelead her to that Door!? 💫✨💫…… Continue reading It is Love and Grace!

Them Battling Butterflies, Jittery Rabbits and Squirrelly Squirrels Acting Squirrely!

Yes!We all know the rain does fall from the clouds. And that the morning Sun does shine you see? But as for them butterflies? Well! They do flutter as they battle and fly and attack mail boxes, again you see!? What do you say to an overly religious rabbit zealot all decked out like a…… Continue reading Them Battling Butterflies, Jittery Rabbits and Squirrelly Squirrels Acting Squirrely!

Again … Please God Forgive!

A Prayer for This Day… A Prayer Maybe Truly Worth Repeating… In your heart … your life … in your doing … your speaking… Please God,forgive my arrogance, my smugness and my sin! Righteous God,forgive my vanity, my rudeness and my whim! Holy God,forgive my impulses, my urges, yes again, to sin! And finally, Glorious…… Continue reading Again … Please God Forgive!

We Must Walk With Courage!

judyscorneroftheworld.com/2020/02/23/we-must-walk-with-courage/ Life has many struggles and problems. We must face them with courage. We walk down many paths. Life is full of twists and turns. But Jesus Christ helps us face life’s struggles with much faith, strength and courage! Cute Judy Lee

Such a Cute Acupressure Point!

One of God’s cutest acupressure points aimed at healing the heart! Acupressure: A Safe Alternative TherapyAcupressure is a safe and gentle alternative therapy used to relieve symptoms from many common disorders. Unlike some forms of Western medicine, this therapy does not involve the use of any invasive techniques. A skilled practitioner simply uses their thumbs…… Continue reading Such a Cute Acupressure Point!

Jesus Holds Me Up!

Posted by Cute Judy Lee Read on: judyscorneroftheworld.com/2019/10/17/jesus-holds-me-up/comment-page-1/ I have to walk with Christ all day long because my legs are weak and I may fall. Jesus helps hold me up and he gives me the strength to get through each day. “When I said, my feet are slipping, your mercy Oh Lord, continue to…… Continue reading Jesus Holds Me Up!

Happy Holidays This Year!

A Cute Judy Lee Seasonal Post: Thanksgiving and Christmas are very dear in my heart. The Thanksgiving turkey is wonderful. The pies taste, oh so, delicious. Our hearts are so full of Love! We love our friends and our family. But we have COVID-19 this year. Yet, still we must have cheer and Love not Fear! …… Continue reading Happy Holidays This Year!

A Universe of Godless Fools

God surely is a very funny supreme being!He did create: The Universe(s) galaxies galore solar systems planets moons loony tunes and millions … trillions … quadrillions … even pesky Sicilians… and an infinite number of other things for sure! But just for fun as the Ultimate Standup Funny God, he created: Walking, Talking, Godless Human…… Continue reading A Universe of Godless Fools