Of Global Warming, Bowels, and Flatulating Cows!

Climate Change and/or Global Warming Alert!: Yes! And painting the tops of buildings white or covering with plants would help lower the city ‘heat island’ effect! And what about all those damn flatulating cows!? And Farty politicians either party Yes, would feeding Gas-X to farting cows help!? “Cow belches, conversely, are hilarious. It’s the rare…… Continue reading Of Global Warming, Bowels, and Flatulating Cows!

How’s My Cowlick, You Ask?

Well! Sometimes it’s bigger than my bulbous nose! But never sweeter than my bulbous gas!My significant other says I look like an udder disgrace! The Horrors of Global Belching:The world’s 1.5 billion cows and billions of other grazing animals emit dozens of polluting gases, including lots of methane. Two-thirds of all ammonia comes from cows.…… Continue reading How’s My Cowlick, You Ask?

Evergreens If I May

Evergreens and the incursion of civilization! Conflicting Data: How Fast Is the World Losing its Forests? The latest UN report on climate says reducing deforestation is crucial to slowing global warming. But researchers must first reconcile two contradictory sets of statistics on tree loss in order to determine whether promises made by nations to protect…… Continue reading Evergreens If I May

Insect Apocalypse Now?

Insect apocalypse? Not so fast, at least in North America Iowa Climate Science Education In recent years, the notion of an insect apocalypse has become a hot topic in the conservation science community and has captured the public’s attention. Scientists who warn that this catastrophe is unfolding assert that arthropods – a large category of invertebrates that…… Continue reading Insect Apocalypse Now?

The Hazards of Long-Term EMF Frequency Exposure!?

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation does have it’s hazards!?In the Green: Meter near a microwave not cooking: In the Red: Meter next to a microwave not cooking: In the Red: Within 3-5 feet of microwave cooking: In the Red: Within 1-3 feet of my WiFi: Now! Being “in the red” for short periods may…… Continue reading The Hazards of Long-Term EMF Frequency Exposure!?