In the Queue In The London Airport Loo!

Just some random scribbles that became dibbles(?) depicting a queue of assorted animals at the London Heathrow Airport Loo … waiting patiently to ‘shall we say’ do a wee! ************ Or was it ‘do a dribble in a lucid dream at the London Zoo?’ Or was it just “a normal run-of-the-mill” screaming dream? Yes -…… Continue reading In the Queue In The London Airport Loo!

The Scent of a Lion!

Troubling thoughtsStir my mind Of life’s ruin Decay and despair! Yet, Somewhere a fox Wistfully naps tonight! While I hear only ‘Low mow’ murmurs … whispers Sensing AGT ghostly sights! Like “Simon the Cow…ell” Lake Eerie hot-cold spooky stares! Yes! There are indeed Troubles stirring This morning’s air! And Yes! … Yes! I do “Wish…… Continue reading The Scent of a Lion!