Ancient Archaeology Doodle Art After Drinking Fine Barbera Red Wine!

Ancient Art, Prehistoric art,desperate art or maybe just scribblings of disparate, prehistoric random artless doodles off their mark? Or has my artistic well finally run dry? The DumbestBlogger did remark:Well, by looking at this ancient, prehistoric art we can soundly deduce that the ancient Phoenicians ate a variety of chicken and dumpling soup which had…… Continue reading Ancient Archaeology Doodle Art After Drinking Fine Barbera Red Wine!

What a Difference Some Cups Don’t Make!

The decline and fall of The Mysterious Blogger:What a difference a post story makes. Yes! But you’ve got no story! I know!But I’ve got stupid art and stupider quotes. Hence, I unashamedly go where no post has gone before… “With My Sword by My Side or Sides!” “Out of the Box But in the Casket!”…… Continue reading What a Difference Some Cups Don’t Make!

Live Long and Up Yours!?

As Mr Spock of Star Trek fame did often say: 🖖🏽…”Live Long and Prosper!”Then what are you doing showing a picture of Data? No! Zuckerberg! And why is it that Jean-Luc Pecard is supposedly French but speaks with an East Anglian British accent? …… …… …… As Donald of little real fame does often say…… Continue reading Live Long and Up Yours!?

Paranormal Playhouse Theatre 6-6-6!

An updated repost: just for the hell of it! Tickets are available at bargain rates for the clueless, slow and politically happy or is that ‘oh so’ really unhappy? Theatre Moderator: Beezilbob Are you sure it’s a play!? Looks more like a prime time 2020 Presidential Debate to me! Yes! Humpty Dumpty Trump! Get thee…… Continue reading Paranormal Playhouse Theatre 6-6-6!

Yes, Indeed! He Does Exist!

Yes, indeed! The Loch Ness Minister, he really does exist! Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands extending for approximately 37 kilometres southwest of Inverness.  He is affectionately known as …… Preachie! No relationship to Preachie and no relevancy whatsoever! Somewhat relatable!

Am I Just Whistling in the Wind?

My blogging just seems to be like ‘Whistling in the Wind!’ It’s like I’m hopelessly engaging in a fruitless task, trying to produce an effect or influence something with no real hope of succeeding. We all know that he’s guilty, but if we can’t get concrete evidence, we’re just going to be whistling in the…… Continue reading Am I Just Whistling in the Wind?

What Happened This Day?

Thursday, August 20, 2015, time unknown: State of mind surely unknown… A doodle psychological test in which a subjects’ scribbles and such are recorded and then analyzed using drugs, pseudo-psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, and/or whatever. Some doodling psychologists use this test to examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning.  An Albino Seal rejected by…… Continue reading What Happened This Day?

Ghosts, No Mythbusters!

We Are All Basically Brown Black Yellow White Straight First Out of The Gate and/or Gay! Mystic clouds in the sky Will August bring Good times Bad times or Coronavirus More of The Same Kinds? Or Maybe Just Hurricanes Heat Humidity in Florida More of The Same Times!?