Airing My Dirty Dungarees!

In response to Jaquintinwriter’s Three Things Challenge #22: (rush, dungarees, wedding) At my second wedding I was in such a damn rush …… I put on my dirty dungarees instead of my expensive rented Tuxs!

A Vegan’s Begging Prayer Be!

A Leonard Guida Inspiration: Oh, woe is me! Feed yourself meat Eat those steaks And burgers eat. Saving the planet? Not Neat! You feasting meat-eating beast! A Vegan’s Begging Prayer ****** Eat meat and say a prayer for the dead? Personally, I love salami, hot dogs and steak. But I am cutting back and trying…… Continue reading A Vegan’s Begging Prayer Be!

Am I or Are You Well Adjusted? Really?

I consider myself to be basically a well-adjusted old man in a totally screwed up sick worldwide and politics society! Is it China Syndrome; Coronavirus pandemic fear; the Network News, or is it the viruses of greed, self-interest or selfish-ism! Yes! Have I, myself, caught one of these isms!? Even The Shadow may not know!…… Continue reading Am I or Are You Well Adjusted? Really?