It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

And we sure do need healthy brains or we’d be insane! So, eat more: Seafood Greens Nuts Beans and Some occasional dark chocolate.But I don’t see dark chocolate in the picture of the weight-lifting Fitbit Brain! To elaborate, Dr. Drew Ramsey presented his simple rhyme for remembering a healthy brain-food diet: Seafood, greens, nuts, and beans (and some occasional dark…… Continue reading It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

Again: It’s Free Disassociation Friday!🥴…👻…🤗

What Does All This Really Mean? SuperciliousActing like that 1940’s comic book super hero with that stupid, silly grin. YouLittleCharmer inspired Erectile DysfunctionLegos with severe manic-depressive disorder. Every time you stack them up, they just tumble down. The Early Bird Gets The WormThe Kardashians, including Bruce Jenner. You can’t get it back! Bruce! Hey! What…… Continue reading Again: It’s Free Disassociation Friday!🥴…👻…🤗

Live Long and Up Yours!?

As Mr Spock of Star Trek fame did often say: 🖖🏽…”Live Long and Prosper!”Then what are you doing showing a picture of Data? No! Zuckerberg! And why is it that Jean-Luc Pecard is supposedly French but speaks with an East Anglian British accent? …… …… …… As Donald of little real fame does often say…… Continue reading Live Long and Up Yours!?

More Election Year Ladybug Revenge!

A strange, off-colored, sexist man bug under siege!I said birches! Really, I said you’re birches! Yes! Like a John Bircher? No! You represent new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of things to come! Honest to Mother Nature? What’s honest when I’m always under seize?

Some Early Melancholy: Where Has Christmas Really Gone?

Say What? Deck the Halls with 40s stories, well-built houses in all their glory. When Christmas spirit filled the air on TV and well-lite streets most everywhere. When Santa did land atop my roof, stuff my sock, didn’t dare to knock … but did seem to care.But now it’s just X-Mas in most hearts, not…… Continue reading Some Early Melancholy: Where Has Christmas Really Gone?

Today Is My Day!

Saying … have a good day in every way! A happy day or a “one, two, three” dog day! As far as cats … a happy psychopathic day which bides well for Election Day! Remember … today is also National …Take Your Parents to Lunch Day! Department Store Day! Boss’s Day! Global Cat Day! Liqueur…… Continue reading Today Is My Day!

What Will You Play?

A blog conversation with David Redpath, HCMorris77 & Me: David Redpath: I’ll join the band 🎶😎 Thanks! What instrument? Thumbs, drums or just chewing bubblegum? Washboard, of course! “It’s a horse, of course!” Mr Ed. And as this talking horse would say: The washboard and frottoir (from Cajun French “frotter”, to rub) are used as…… Continue reading What Will You Play?

What Happened This Day?

Thursday, August 20, 2015, time unknown: State of mind surely unknown… A doodle psychological test in which a subjects’ scribbles and such are recorded and then analyzed using drugs, pseudo-psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, and/or whatever. Some doodling psychologists use this test to examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning.  An Albino Seal rejected by…… Continue reading What Happened This Day?

Do You Play Chess? ♟◽️◾️◽️♟

Now that’s a really good question! Do I play Chess? Yes! I have played Chess. At least I did in the way, way past! But, only when I was horny! Against the damn Devil that is. Sneaky bastard he be! Now the dumbestblogger made an unusual move, Knight to f4. But I just countered, Knight…… Continue reading Do You Play Chess? ♟◽️◾️◽️♟

Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

A truly ‘immoral dilemma’ question for all you flipping sage bloggers of the philosophizing persuasion! ⁉️ ⁉️ ⁉️ An out-of-control trolley is about to cause bloody animal carnage and destruction! You must think fast and make a snap life-and-death decision! Now!!!Would you kill the Squirrelly Squirrel in the cage; crush the Daffy Duck; or save…… Continue reading Philosophical Roadkill: An Animal ‘Immoral Dilemma!’🧐

That Damn, Cool, Crazy Crane Again in Spain

May Lie Mostly in the Plain … But… The lion sleeps tonight? No! Me thinks the lion pillow eats a lot of rabbits tonight! And why doesn’t this here particular rabbit practice some family litter control? Well!? I guess it’s just an unbreakable habit with this here, no, up-there (🖕🏽), damn Fitbit Rabbit! And this…… Continue reading That Damn, Cool, Crazy Crane Again in Spain

Me Just Saturday’s Child

I Think I Sat On That Same Damn Potty! All latti datti … On Saturday … Anticipating a Saturday Night Special … Cause on Saturdays … I is Saturday’s Child … Oh Saturea … Suffering With Diarrhea ……… The following is taken loosely from Monday’s Child. Published: 1838 (first printed source) Songwriter(s): unknown and most…… Continue reading Me Just Saturday’s Child

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Nadas!

Oh Woe is Me! What some bloggers won’t do for a dose of dopamine. Hey, Are you talkin’ about a Dope Like … Ah Me? ************Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. That’s why it’s sometimes called a chemical messenger.…… Continue reading A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Nadas!

In Jest, Dread, Truth or Outright Lies!

Are you referring to the upcoming election on both biased sides? No! These are just a couple things said in post replies in jest, dread, so-called truth and outright lies, otherwise.************ Before the clouds and message drift away then shall the cows come home for food shelter and to poop helterskelter all over their stall’s…… Continue reading In Jest, Dread, Truth or Outright Lies!