Poachin’ With the Fitbit Rabbit in the Twilight Zone!

Most Seriously: There are really basically only three effective ways of catching an octopus:The first being to simply dive down and grab the octopus with your hand, out of whatever rock crevice it’s hiding it. A blunt rod can help in this by coaxing them out of their hiding spot. The other way is to…… Continue reading Poachin’ With the Fitbit Rabbit in the Twilight Zone!

Bees Sting! But Butterflies Are Free!

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.Rabindranath Tagore We chase life like we chase butterflies to snap a picture. We blink and the butterfly is gone. Capture the moment today!Julie Barbera Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Muhammad Ali

Truly Missing: Calvin Klein Hairball Fashion!

A high-fashion Hairball model cat-walking on a New York Fashion Show runway … before social distancing!Hairball Style is wearing Calvin Klein Fish Pants to McDonald’s, carrying an expensive Gucci Saint Laurent Purse to play Soccer.  Yes! It’s all about personally, confidence and seduction. It is artistically overpowering and it makes you daydream and want to…… Continue reading Truly Missing: Calvin Klein Hairball Fashion!

The Agony of Being a Bi-Paw-er Dog!

Especiallyif she be an overly emotional left-pawed Emotional Support Dog! Living with Here’s Johnny From “The Shining” movie Who be Bi-Sicilian! As you probably already know, REDRUM is MURDER spelled backward! As is DLORAH which is HAROLD spelled backward. As Oreo barks “Bow Wow, Oy Vey!”

Pinks Really Do Exist!

The Octagon finally admits:They’re real … Pinks Exist! The US military has officially published three UFO videos. Why doesn’t anybody seem to care? https://theconversation.com/the-us-military-has-officially-published-three-ufo-videos-why-doesnt-anybody-seem-to-care-137498 I knew it all along! You do know you’re bonkers, don’t you?Look! Galaxies are categorized according to their visual morphology as elliptical, spiral, or irregular. … This follows a 2016 estimate…… Continue reading Pinks Really Do Exist!

Well! Nuts 2 U!

Nuts are good except if they are people! Rethinking Scripture says: Another “nutty” post…Imao! Are you fixated on nuts? I was going to phrase that differently then I decided not to! Hope you understand.

Just Me and Rocky the Squirrel!

They say that art and creativity are influenced by the right side of the brain which controls the left side of the body. I was originally right handed but started to learn to write with my left hand in my 70s. And my left handed writing is now more legible than my right. You see,…… Continue reading Just Me and Rocky the Squirrel!

Just Three Typical Blind AC/DC Ducks

A nursery rhyme for a nursery dick …… no duck:Three blind ducks, Three blind ducks, Hear how they quack, See how they run! They all ran after The farmer’s wife Who tried to cut off their heads With a carving knife Did you ever see Such a pitiful sight in your life As three stupid,…… Continue reading Just Three Typical Blind AC/DC Ducks

It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

And we sure do need healthy brains or we’d be insane! So, eat more: Seafood Greens Nuts Beans and Some occasional dark chocolate.But I don’t see dark chocolate in the picture of the weight-lifting Fitbit Brain! To elaborate, Dr. Drew Ramsey presented his simple rhyme for remembering a healthy brain-food diet: Seafood, greens, nuts, and beans (and some occasional dark…… Continue reading It’s Time for Healthy Brain Food…

Again: It’s Free Disassociation Friday!🥴…👻…🤗

What Does All This Really Mean? SuperciliousActing like that 1940’s comic book super hero with that stupid, silly grin. YouLittleCharmer inspired Erectile DysfunctionLegos with severe manic-depressive disorder. Every time you stack them up, they just tumble down. The Early Bird Gets The WormThe Kardashians, including Bruce Jenner. You can’t get it back! Bruce! Hey! What…… Continue reading Again: It’s Free Disassociation Friday!🥴…👻…🤗

Live Long and Up Yours!?

As Mr Spock of Star Trek fame did often say: 🖖🏽…”Live Long and Prosper!”Then what are you doing showing a picture of Data? No! Zuckerberg! And why is it that Jean-Luc Pecard is supposedly French but speaks with an East Anglian British accent? …… …… …… As Donald of little real fame does often say…… Continue reading Live Long and Up Yours!?

More Election Year Ladybug Revenge!

A strange, off-colored, sexist man bug under siege!I said birches! Really, I said you’re birches! Yes! Like a John Bircher? No! You represent new beginnings, regeneration, hope, new dawns and the promise of things to come! Honest to Mother Nature? What’s honest when I’m always under seize?