Just A WOW, Hal!

A WOW, Hal! And other suitable post reply comments: Ah, You’ve Got Me Now, somehow … And the best, ‘You made my day!’ But the best also includes … A weak Ha? … A stronger Haha … ? No! A mighty Hahaha … !!! Now that’s good! ************ But still waiting for the ultimate of…

Who Will Inherit This Here Earth?

And the flamin’ A-holes shall inherit the Earth! From the Sermon From the Podium And there are numerous podiums for sure! A truly non-political though! Don’t you know this is going to piss someone off? “Normal Is As Normal Does!” ************ Wait a damn minute there! What about China by 2030? Well? Where there’s smoke…

Where Do You Get All Your Weird Followers!?

Just lucky I guess! Thanks to all from the bottom of my dark chocolate cookie jar. 👻…👻…👻 You may be in here somewhere. The picture that is! But I did lose a lot of them a while ago!

The Theory of Blog Devolution!

Charles Dorkwin’s Controversial Theory of Blog Devolution! Blog Devolution is the process of change in all forms of ‘posts’ and devolutionary blogology is the study of how blogs and blog posts devolve. Blogging populations quickly devolve as genetic changes to replies correspond to changes in the blogger’s wiseass traits. These genetic changes include post mutations…

All the Unusual Suspects!

No wonder I have insomnia! It’s a house of clutter! So! Follow the bouncing basketball …🏀 To … 🏀 … 🏀 … 👇🏽 … 🏀 … 🏀 … 🏀 … 💬 … 👻👻👻 Armadillon

Please Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk!

I guess blogging has morphed into Twitter! This is an exchange on a recent blog post: (My over the top reply for which I should surely die!) To hell with politics… To hell with Democrats Republicans Socialists Conservations Communists Independents Feminists Asskissinists and Boy and Girl Scouts everywhere! Blog for Blogging Sake and divorce the…

Just Hang In There!

With all this coronavirus and social-distancing, there must be a path to a better you! Yes! When in doubt …… Reuse … Your … Damn … Art! Pretty … Please!!!

Some Amazing Magical Words With Power!

Subject: Words With Power! These are a few of the words, if used in a title or post, can get a reader’s attention: Really? Amazing … Announcing … Accordingly … As a Result … Bargain … Become …Become a Member … Be an Insider … Because … Challenge … Compare … Closed … Come Along ……

It’s Ah Doodle-Dee-Doodle-Dee-Day

From my reply to a post by Anupriya K. My life is just one continuous scribble, a few dribbles and a doodle-dee-doodle at least once a day. Much to my wife’s dismay! And by the way, there is DoodleDeeDoodleArt at Etsy.com!

Death of a Blogman!

It’s About Time! I’ve always made a point of not wasting my life, and every time I come back here I know that all I’ve done is to waste my life. Biff, Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller