Amy Barbera Chosen as Semi-Finalist at Rome Music Video Awards!

Amy’s Exciting New MusIc News: I Am So EXCITED To Announce That My “Make Me A Butterfly” Music Video & Original Song Was Chosen As A 2021 SEMI-FINALIST In The Categories..BEST ART MUSIC VIDEO & BEST ORIGINAL SONG By The Judges At The AMAZING Rome Music Video Awards In ROME, ITALY! Being A Semi-Finalist For…… Continue reading Amy Barbera Chosen as Semi-Finalist at Rome Music Video Awards!

Just a Few Miscellaneous and No-Underwear Wearing Blogging Awards

Real and imagined from South Florida, WordPress, Earth, Mars and the Multiverse of Madness Beyond: Courtesy of Dr Strange and other paranormal entities in my hellish dreams, nightmares and subconscious schemes! But the most cherished and noteworthy are the: 👻…🙌🏼…🎊🤗🎊…🙌🏼…👻 You’re either out-of-the-box, in a casket box, and/or completely out-of-your-mind!

Tu-Fu Sun-Me-Wong Hand-Signing Blogger Award Nominations!

The possibilities are endless: just look at Washoe and Me! I’m on the left! Yes! Tu-Fu is Tu-Fu Tu many! For the past two decades, humans have been teaching chimpanzees and other ape-like forms to express themselves using the sign language of the deaf. During that same period, bloggers and other human-like forms have been…… Continue reading Tu-Fu Sun-Me-Wong Hand-Signing Blogger Award Nominations!

Duh-Dah, An Update!

Isn’t it supposed to be duh or uff-da or huff-da …. Duh!? Yes! My posts are mainly dah-huff-da-uff-da-upUrs-da!? BUTT! In a little less than 2 years, I have amassed (or is it passed poetic gas) over: 98,900+ views 8,100 visitors (a few paranormal visitations) 31,000+ likes and 10,660 comments (with more than a few were…… Continue reading Duh-Dah, An Update!

The Overbearing Wall of Awards!

Seriously! This is…… The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Some true … some tongue-in-cheek … hopefully a little Weisenheimer humor to start the day! For my childish posts! For only God knows what! It surely is!

Blogger Recognition Award!

Courtesy Lotus Laura in Personal updates on January 13, 2020: I would like to thank Lotus Laura for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! I am honored and do truly appreciate her consideration for this award! Lotus Laura’s little adventures blog ( is a blog well worth a “drive-by” look see! In South LA…… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award!