The Crockaplorosaurs Are Amongst Us!

From the Museum of Unnatural History, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.A Crockaplorosaur: part bird and part crocodile? But mostly just a “crock and it stinketh!” By the way, how did Sheboygan get it’s name? A Chippawa Indian Chief had several boy sons but desperately so wanted a girl. But when his last child was born, a warrior asked…… Continue reading The Crockaplorosaurs Are Amongst Us!

The Rogues Gallery Lineup! Guilty or Not?

What a cast of characters!From Costa Nostra to a Colombian cartel with a rogues gallery interspersed. Or is this just random snapshots from the loony bin! Oh! What a scene! Can you identify the prime suspect? The WordPress Help Desk 👇🏼 A typical WordPress Tech Rep 👇🏽 My typical Followers 👇🏾 This makes absolutely no…… Continue reading The Rogues Gallery Lineup! Guilty or Not?

I Liked You the Way You ‘Used To Be!’

You ‘used to be’ nice.Just a regular guy. But you’ve changed. You see! I don’t know you anymore. You’ve gone away. Yes! You’re not a regular guy. Like you ‘used to be!’ Anyhow! Anywhere! Anymore! You see! ************ Brilliant! Really!? My wife just gave me the lyrics for my next song. Wait a minute. I…… Continue reading I Liked You the Way You ‘Used To Be!’

You Speak Chinese!? 你會說中文嗎?

Is it true, you’re fluent in Chinese? Yes! Manikin! A much maligned modern dialect spoken mainly in Guangdong and Guangxi Province Chinese Restaurants and Department Stores mainly between 9am and 5pm China Standard Time, on alternating Thursdays, mostly! ************ 人體模型! 主要在廣東省和廣西省百貨商店使用的一種備受詬病的現代方言主要是在中國標準時間上午9點到下午5點之間,週四交替播放! Réntǐ móxíng! Zhǔyào zài guǎngdōng shěng hé guǎngxī shěng bǎihuò shāngdiàn shǐyòng de yīzhǒng…… Continue reading You Speak Chinese!? 你會說中文嗎?

Cute Judy Lee in Wonderland!

Yes! Cute Judy Lee Down the Rabid Rabbit Hole In WordPress Wonderland! Strange problematic complex chaotic bizarre disorienting alternate reality and that’s just my ‘seniors only’ apartment complex in South Florida!

Off-Kilter, Adrift and Pissin’ In the WordPress Fish Blog!

Just drifting aimlessly with an attitude across all the World’s latitudes with few if any gratitudes! Never do I rest in the swamp hosting site called WordPress! Hopelessly searching for Likes and the all-to-allusive and exclusive Comments! Yes!Trying my best not to take the bait and lose my cool ‘like’ an unlikeable fool! 🐠……🐡……🐟……🦈Sometimes I…… Continue reading Off-Kilter, Adrift and Pissin’ In the WordPress Fish Blog!

Of Wet Pads, Wet Pants and Wet Dreams!

When is enough just too much!? And what does the title have to do with this post anyhow? It’s just a montage, collage of Doodles and Emoticons Gone Wild! How many words is this worth? Well! Krishna Yadav immediately recognized Mahatma Gandi’s Three Wise Monkey’s!

Just Hangin’ On!

Just me and my emoticons hangin’ on above the WordPress Abyss! Yes! It’s either total ignorance or insane bliss! So! Kiss my fist …… 🤜💋 It is indeed a very slow muse day!