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Save the Flying Squirrel!

Fly together

with open arms

in warmth and

thoughts of better days!

Fly together

in all kinds of weather

as pleasant as a pheasant

as innocent as a naive!

Fly together

with an open heart!

Fly together

to save the day!

Fly together

to save the world!

And lastly,

Fly Together

Yes, Fly Together

to Save the Flying Squirrel!

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Of Weather Forecasting Cats and Licking Dogs!

Cats are said to wash behind their ears before rain. Maybe because of the drop in air pressure. So next time your kitty or Kitty gives it’s ears a good grooming, check out the local weather forecast.

Can cats talk?

They are believed to have up to 100 vocalization sounds. And cats seem to respond better to women than to men. Could be because women have higher voices.

A group of cats is called a ‘chowder.’ A group of kittens a ‘kindle.’


‘What about dogs?’ You ask.

What does it mean when they lick their whatever’s?

I’d rather not say in mixed bloggery!

But one thing for certain though,

Only The Shadow Really Knows for Sure!

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Simply Simple-Minded Saturday!

A silly clown

frightened by

a Bengal Tiger

with fangs

attacking a

fat grey lamb

tied to

a Sycamore Tree

surrounded by

beautiful flowers

feeding busy bees

next to a


Home on a Lake!’

An “Eerie” Great Lake

must be!

Some random thoughts

on Tuesday, July 14, 2016

I estimate

for ‘rhyming’ purposes

at approximately

a quarter to three!

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Hola pequeña señorita Oreo!

A Good Circus Dog!

Havanese (a Bichon type dog) is the national dog of Cuba, developed from the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana (little white dog of Habana).

The Blanquito descended from the also now-extinct Bichon Tenerife. It is believed that the Blanquito was eventually cross-bred with other Bichon types, including the Poodle, to create what is now known as the Havanese.

Sometimes referred to as “Havana Silk Dogs“, this was originally another name for the Blanquito de la Habana.