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Of Battling Butterflies, Jittery Rabbits and Squirrelly Squirrels Acting Squirrely!


We all know

the rain

does fall

from the clouds.

And that the

morning Sun

does shine

you see?


as for them butterflies?


They do flutter

as they battle and fly

and attack

mail boxes,

again you see!?



do you say

to an overly religious

rabbit zealot

all decked out

like a Nun

in a brown habit?

What’s up smock?


As for them

squirrelly Squirrels



Nuts to you!!’

Nuts to me!!!

As they scamper

up their favorite tree!



did you

ever really see

a squirrely Squirrel

acting squirrelly

and taking a pee

from a branch

on it’s

favorite tree?


I did!


do …

pity, pity me!


What about

that rabid




and scaring

all those hares!?



God bless the



squirrelly squirrels

in their favorite trees.

And especially


you and

little olde me!

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A Mallard Family Visit!

Got a new follower today:

She Got Wings!

I kid you not!

Yes! The Mallard family just leisurely waddled in like unexpected for a few quacks and a morning snack.

A short boring video clip follows if you’re so interested or are hopelessly depressed!


In case your interested:

The mallard (Up your’ Anasplatyrhynchos) is a dazzling … dabbling … daffy duck that breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa and has been introduced to New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Falkland Islands, South Africa, and South LA rap groups and street gangs.

This duck belongs to the Italian-Greek subfamily Anatinae of the waterfowl family Anaidae.

Are you quacky or what!?

The male birds (drakes) have a glossy green head and are grey on their wings and belly, while the females (hens or ducks) have mainly brown-speckled plumage. Both sexes have an area of white-bordered black or iridescent blue feathers called a specilum on their wings; males especially tend to have blue speculum feathers.

Mallards live in wetlands but only rarely have wet dreams. They eat water plants, love French Fries and cute tasty small animals. They are social animals preferring to congregate in groups, flocks and/or flash mobs of varying sizes. This species is the main ancestor of most breeds of domesticated ducks to include Daffy, Donald and the Duck Dynasty family!

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What Kind of Mutt I Be?

What Kind of Mutt I Be?

That’s never had real love

that’s been spayed

hence never laid

never had any dog hugs!


What kind of fool I be?

Just a barren shell?

A lonely dog

forced to sleep on a filthy rug

‘a scratching fleas!


What kind of lips are they?

That lie with every word.

That say “I’m man’s best friend”

but always leave me alone

straining hard

not to pee

on that damn rug!


Why can’t I have a life?

Like any other dog

so I’ll know what kind of mutt

I really be?