Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi!

我是狗,聽到我在叫! I Am Dog Hear Me Bark!!!Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi Master Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that seeks to provide complete personal dog development. It includes exercises for the body, the mind, self-control and concentration. It is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercises designed for relaxation, balance and…… Continue reading Tai Paw “Chewon” Chi!

The Lost Art of Inane Poetry!

My Special Loving Hallmark Card: Nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award even thou I was deemed Inane! Nominated by the Dumbestblogger of Dumbest Blog Ever fame. So here is my silly, stupid, inane, insane post that I do so ineptly defame! LOL!************ To All: The Tall The Fat The Short The Obese (Those That Bark!)…… Continue reading The Lost Art of Inane Poetry!

Ancient Shadow-Walkers With Muddy Footprints!

Ancient Mysteries of the past, present and future … No! The Now!Bowie Wowie … Brownish cowie …… I’m throwin’ in the towelie … Me done had … Enough already … Me so unsteady … already … For Simon Cowell’s sake … For the ‘Here & Now’s’ sake … FOR the Almighty Cow’s Sake! For scampering…… Continue reading Ancient Shadow-Walkers With Muddy Footprints!

Who Will Inherit This Here Earth?

And the flamin’ A-holes shall inherit the Earth! From the Sermon From the Podium And there are numerous podiums for sure! A truly non-political though! Don’t you know this is going to piss someone off? “Normal Is As Normal Does!” ************ Wait a damn minute there! What about China by 2030? Well? Where there’s smoke…… Continue reading Who Will Inherit This Here Earth?