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Anxious About Anxieties?

Wit and Wisdom for the Average Person:

(Even) my anxieties have anxieties!

Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask ‘Where have I gone wrong’, then a voice says to me ‘This is going to take more than one night!’

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

I’ve developed a new philosophy. I only dread one day at a time.

The Wisdom of Charlie Brown

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On Silver Lake!

In Clayton there was Silver Lake.

Restricted for lake residents to partake.

But there I did secretly escape

to fish, swim, camp for God’s sake!

Once I even crashed through the ice

in the back portion of that lake.

And a future high school lineman

abandomed me

frightened for his own sake.

But somehow

I managed to break the ice

crawl my way out

and did escape.

Cold, trembling,

I wandered back to safety

was carried home

escaped Another Fate!

The frightened boy

who abandoned me in the ice?


He eventually was elected

first team linemen

for the whole damn state!


Larry Trasciatti, Evil Water, 102-word Challenge!

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Get Your Morning Dew

Morning dew

can be a positive omen

that the future is bright.

Dreams of dew

a reflection of your mind


current state of life.

So dreaming of dew

during the night

may be your

mind’s desire

to get things right!


Really cute dew … and ladybugs too!

Just like to spread quiet wisdom from my blog, as well as, quiet gas release!


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What Is This Anyway!?

A psychological test of sorts. What you see may tell you something about yourself. So what does this image say to you?

Maybe you see:

A Mars landscapes…

A storm… on Earth or elsewhere…

The coast line on the Black Sea?

Turn it 90 degrees to the right, Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding…

Turn it again, a man’s back…

Again, a left shoulder arm extended…

or maybe you see…

A London night scene with Jack the Ripper lurking in the dark…

A mountain range…

Food like strange tomato soup…


There are unlimited possibilities to see what you might see.


Well, what was one of the things I saw when I created this image?

Dolly Parton under the sheets!

What does that say about me?


What is it really?

Well! It is just an ordinary bed sheet enhanced sans Dolly!

Dolly needs no enhancement!