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IMOA Saturday!!!

For Want of a Disposable Coffee Cup:

Are you? Or aren’t you? Or what are or aern’t you anyway???

Thanks to all for the heartfelt concern!

Brucy’s Booth is now open for business … Cheap Psychiatric Help and Lemminade — 2 cents!

And the really crazy doctor is definitely way out …… there!!! 👉🏼👉🏻👉🏾


Metaphorically Posting …

Only the Shadow Really Knows for Sure!!!

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I Am a Disposible Coffee Cup!

They say,

I am not microwaveable.

I am a disposible coffee cup!

They warn,

I am hot and spill-able.

I am just a coffee cup!

My contents wake you up

feed your addiction.

I am a sad coffee cup!

When you’ve

had your fill of me,

you toss me like trash!

I am now a useless coffee cup!

I am now a pitiful coffee cup!

Soon, I will no longer be a coffee cup!

I will be a disposed coffee cup!

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You’re Unforgivable!

None of this is really true!

You’re Unforgivable!

That’s what you are!

You’re a bad man!

If there’s a women, you’ll see em!

Woman everywhere, woman in Korea, church ladies, old ladies using crutches or walkers; even aliens from outer space!

You’re a disgrace!

If it’s wearing a skirt you think you’re Captain Kirk.

A whore-mongering womanizer who needs to be totally circumsized so you never, ever get another rise!

I wish that weren’t true!

Pam this; whispers that; machines or whatever humming clandestinely in the night!

That’s a fact!


I Love You Too …… Dear!

Yes! My wife says I’m Unforgivable…

So in her honor, I offer a little song for her soul!


(Not ever sung by Nat King Cole)

That’s what I are
Tho’ near or in my car

Like the garlic smell that clings to me
How your thoughts do things to me
Never before or never sense
Has someone like me, been more…

In every way
Forever a whoremonger
That’s how I’ll NOT stay

That’s why, darling, it’s regretable
That someone like you, so Unbelievable
Thinks that I am

An Unforgivable fool!



You’re Not Funny!!!

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The Dandy Rough Ruff!

He’s Back!

Just a posh high-fashion wetlands prowler seen across Eurasia. A marsh wader loyal to his lek.

Or is it, he likes to take a leak?

Yes! It’s really ‘independents day’ for this dandy male fellow all fluffed-ruffed and lekking a frightful mock fight.


Trying as he might to entice a visiting softer female type on the down-low wetlands prowl for a prospective partner and some feather-dusting copulation.

Or is it wader-pulation?

But this gumboot is not looking for a ‘ruff and tumble, tootie-fruitie’ wife.


Actually, he’s prefers ‘one-night-stand-just-looking-for-a-hottie’ wader types!

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Please God Forgive!

A Prayer Truly Worth Repeating:

Please God,

forgive my arrogance,

my smugness

and my sin!

Righteous God,

forgive my vanity,

my rudeness

and my whim!

Holy God,

forgive my impulses,

my urges,

yes again, to sin!

And finally,

Glorious God,

forgive my vain-glory,

my conceit,

my pride –