Are Goldfish Potentially Better Bloggers, As Well As Husbands?

You Now Have A Shorter Attention Span Than A Goldfish!

Kevin Mcspadden, TIME Magazine

Based on a study from Microsoft Corporation……

(and maybe Bill Gates’ personal Experience?)

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

Researchers in Canada surveyed 2,000 participants and studied the brain activity of 112 others using electroencephalograms (EEGs). Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds.

“Heavy multi-screeners find it difficult to filter out irrelevant stimuli — they’re more easily distracted by multiple streams of media,” the report read.

On the positive side, the report says our ability to multitask has drastically improved in the mobile age.

Microsoft theorized that the changes were a result of the brain’s ability to adapt and change itself over time and a weaker attention span may be a side effect of evolving to a mobile Internet.

The survey also confirmed generational differences for mobile use; for example, 77% of people aged 18 to 24 responded “yes” when asked, “When nothing is occupying my attention, the first thing I do is reach for my phone,” compared with only 10% of those over the age of 65.

And again, those over 65?

Well, they mostly just sit and stare at their TV, or stare out their window or pick weeds out of their nose, hair or driveway.

Moises Ramos……

Oh No…

Say it ain’t so!😱….what did you say?

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. I say it’s so! Except for multitasking which just ain’t so!

    You see, it’s actually less efficient to multitask cause you have to come back to where you left off which slows you down you know!
    See the studies if you disagree you see!

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      1. 💜 I THINK!!! “Nikolai” is The Lady; as “Nikola” is The Lord n’ést pás sís vòús pláìs 🤔 ?


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      2. 💜 Miss Kuwaja (My French Teacher Many Moons Ago) would Kill Me for Missing Out cé, which means the “best French Translation” is thus; n’ést cé pàs sís vòús pláìs 🤔 ? which, in English means, is it not so, if you please 🤔 ? for friends ‘tú is used, much less formal than ‘vòús’ which is used for ‘Grown Ups’ and other AUTHORITY!!! 🙄


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      3. 💜 J’taime; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Know that this is PG but ‘Fucking French’ is how The Frogs Self Reference


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      4. 💜 C’ést Mòi Aussi Mòn Fréré; geez I Must Have been Paying More Attention to HER!!! Teaching French than HER!!! Smart, Sweet, Sexy Calm Look than I Have Previously THOUGHT!!! 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😃😀🙂 School Boys and Lady Teachers ARE such an Interesting Mix, né c’ést pas tòùt lé mòndè 🤔 ?


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  2. Too true, I’m afraid. I think most people don’t want to read anything but headlines these days, likely caused by our shorter-than-a-goldfish’s attention-span. Apparently, it will be the gold fish who’ll inherit the earth 🤪 Fab art 🙌💕🌻

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      1. But in my detailed research, it appears that smart cookies don’t crumble. Occasionally they stumble, they have been known to mumble; and even fain being humble, but never,ever, whatsoever have they crumble!

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