Please Don’t Cry Over Sour, Spilled Milk!

Back By Unpopular Demand:

I guess my blogging has morphed into Twitter!

Laugh or is it cry out loud?

The fine art of dumb blogging!

This is an exchange on a recent blog post:

(My over the top reply for which I should surely die!)

To hell with politics…
To hell with Democrats
Boy and Girl Scouts everywhere!

Blog for Blogging Sake and divorce the ignorant rake!

(I definitely should not have included ‘Scouts everywhere!’ That was definitely over the top, don’t you say!?)


A friendly reply to my reply…

(Mr. Happy)

That’s far from being a clever idea or solution; unless of course you want to end up in hell! I assure you there is one and its far worse than anything people can dream up on earth, even the former Edgar Allen Poe, far far worse and forever! Get your shit wired bro! You’re on the “*uck it all track” to no-wheresoever. You really don’t want to end up there, do you? Well, some people are that stupid, I have met a few in my time! Like alcoholics in denial and as stubborn as a brick shit-house! Many gnashing of teeth to come! Ciao!


And by the way, it was tongue in cheek to XX XXXXXXX! But you are too stupid to know that! (Boo … Hiss … Bad Bad Bad)

(Mr Happy)

By the way clown I did know that and I just don’t like idiots like you and you are on a glide slope to hell, so take that stupidity you spew to hell’s kitchen and rant with the derelicts! You’re on a classy blog post you jackass. Go grow up and leave good folks alone this isn’t Facebook moron.

I did give up Facebook and Twitter ’cause I was a moron!

(Mr ‘Not So’ Happy)

And you became the weak minded arrogant insecure wretch that you are fella so take a hike if you want to show your stupidity! No class, guts or manhood in you!



(Poor Little Me)

I’m retired, have a wife of almost 50 years, two daughters and two grandsons. One daughter is a Christian singer and the other a book writer. Really don’t understand your psychopathic rants! A hike I will take!


I may now have to give up my blog cause I is now a blogging moron!?

VOTE! 👍…🖕🏽…👎🏽

To block Mr Happy or even me, just go to Settings … Discussion … Blacklist!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. I do try to moronize my blog as much as possible. It accessibilizes it for the other morons to make stupider and moronicer. Pleaz giv us moron content now so we can ride with anger at other morons.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I like your posts
    so much so
    I intentionally seek them out
    even if I don’t comment
    as for facebook I only have like minded friends
    (have had to block and delete a couple)
    and twitter I don’t post politics
    but I do follow!

    Liked by 2 people

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