Wrong Turn, Right Way

From the pen of Julie Barbera:

At the start of a new season, you get to look at the past through a rearview mirror. Perhaps your progress was based on where you ended up. And
your will to succeed was calculated by how quickly you got there. It can be discouraging to think about how things might have turned out had you taken another path.

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By Halbarbera

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  1. Last year I realized that I sometimes had a “grass is greener over there” mentality, assuming that if I’d made a different decision in the past, I’d be in a better place in life now. But that may not be the case. I’m assuming things would’ve worked out better if I’d taken a different path, but maybe not. It’s an assumption, not a truth based in reality. I could actually have made the best decision and just need to appreciate where I am now.

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