Really!? It’s 50 Shades of Cat Litter!

A repost: but this time with more arrogance and feeling! And maybe a tad more politically incorrect?

I have this theory that dogs were originally from Mars and cats from Venus!

Dogs are cute and cuddly as pups and become slobbering, tail-wagging fools as adults. And we all know how much men love slobbering, wagging, foolish tails.

Cats, however, start out as cute, fluffy balls of joy. But as adults they seem self-centered. Like … I don’t give a damn, ‘kiss me babe’ egomaniacs.  They’re still cute. But it’s like they really could care less!

So a dog may be the ideal companion for a man; and cats, maybe sadly, often the ideal love for a woman. 

You see, I feel that woman pick men like they pick their cats. 

It’s Fifty Shades of Cat Litter!

For men, it’s may be more basic and mostly instinctual:

Five Shades of Doggy Bags and Chinese Take-Out!

This is all becoming too confusing for me as an old fool. 

Maybe, I should consider adopting a Guinea Pig to keep in the family!

Is this a sexist post?

Hell no…

Just run-of-mill LOL!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. Dad I LOVE this cute post and picture collage so much! I am glad you have Oreo in your cute picture collage too! Dogs & Cats are precious angels from God! 🙂

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      1. I’m not sexist, I’m not hating on you for being sexist, all I’m doing is stating it. I believe that I was misinterpreted. Also your reply was very poetic

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  2. I’m not sexist, I’m not hating on you for being sexist, all I’m doing is stating it. I believe that I was misinterpreted. Also your reply was very poetic

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    1. Hahahhaaha! The entire post was hilarious 🤣. You’re mad but funny!

      If you got a guinea pig, the poor animal would just be a guinea pig for your mad ideas! 😮

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      1. Sorry to hear that. Why did they have to give them away?

        This is actually really interesting— I just looked up the symptoms of it on the NHS website here. I fit with almost all of the symptoms of it in children (when I was a child):

        excessive crying
        slower than expected growth
        high body temperature (hyperthermia)
        wetting the bed (enuresis)

        And I’ve always drank a lot of water and gone to the toilet a lot, and always had a high body temperature (I notice it from being too hot all the time in indoor environments where I don’t have control of the temperature), and so many other people have remarked on it from hugging them. The temperature issue has been debilitating and affected a lot of my life choices.

        I currently drink about 4 litres of water in a day, and when I swam every day that was up to 6 litres or so, and I felt even hotter as exercise made my metabolism skyrocket.

        So perhaps I have a milder form of it. Interesting to know about for now, anyway!

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      2. He can not properly process fluids. He has been hospitalized and through all of the standard treatments to no avail over the year or so. He is now using natural means like acupressure, breathing and meditation. The mind is the best doctor (Placebo Effect) and lifestyle, especially food, the best medicine. I am 78, but pass for 60 or less. I recently had a stroke but with only minor impact so far. And I have been walking over 7.5 miles a day for the past 6+ months!

        Taking care of the guinea pigs was
        not a real option!

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      3. Damn, it’s a very severe case then.

        I hope those traditional means help. It is a shame that much is out there in the world, across the cultures, already learned and used for a long time, which can replace and do better than some modern treatments. Not necessarily all of course.

        But I guess that’s no surprise, different cultures arose in different parts of the world, and there wasn’t anywhere near as much information sharing as now. What we are seeing, is that knowledge now being spread via the internet! Interesting and good times!

        I just started meditating again today. I really got into it 18 months ago, then traumas and dissociation actually made it impossible for me to do it. Then I was feeling too guilty to be able to get back into it. But I’ve broken through today :).

        Meditation is fantastic, the more you learn about it the more you realise its benefits.

        And yes, food and lifestyle are huge, huge! The basis of everything. I find it a great shame that so many people neglect that. In some sense it is a civic duty, to reduce pressure on healthcare systems (especially in places like the UK).

        That’s fantastic to hear of your recovery, you can indeed be proud, wow! Yes it is very true that good health really improves your chances of recovering from any illness or injury. I’ve also looked much younger than my age, and put it down to the same things as you 🙂.

        My grandparents on one side of my family are in their late 80s/90s, and my grandad has recovered from so many things, through his 70s/80s, and they have also lived extremely healthily and moderately in all things!

        For somebody with the level of arthritis in my knee, I’ve always outdone doctors’ expectations with activity and pain levels.

        Yeah can totally see why they couldn’t keep the guinea pigs now. How sad! We always had guinea pigs growing up.

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      4. The modern medical system mainly treat symptoms with meds and procedures. They rarely try to reverse the cause. The Mayo Clinic and other such medical groups indicate that lifestyle is the first treatment for high blood pressure.

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      5. Drinking a lot of water (and that means more than 4-6 litres) over a short time can upset the body’s sodium balance, and cause a potentially fatal condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication.

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      6. Yeah, I don’t think my levels have ever been dangerous. I lose a lot from sweat and fast metabolism, and subsequently eating a lot. I think I just genuinely need it. I also think I instinctively take in more of those things like sodium when I need them. I am very sensitive to what my body needs, and to the effects of food I eat.

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