Are Your Eyes Shining?

Who am I

if my wife’s eyes

are not shining?

Who am I

if my children’s eyes

are not shining?


Who am I, really,

if my eyes

are not shining?

Am I angry?

Am I dead?

Have I stormed

the Capital

causing so much

fear and dread?

If so…

Tis maybe

far better

I do fear

To Be Dead!


Don’t be just

a Republican

a Democrat

Independent in your head!

Be a

true-blue American

or whatever

in your Nation

in your Spirit…

not just

in your mind

not just

in your actions

But totally

in your

Heart Instead!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


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