The Wandering Mind!

Some days I feel you just have to take a holiday, let go and free your subconscious mind to wander on it’s own!

When writing a poem, a piece of prose or creating an art work, I often choose to let my mind wander, hoping that inspiration will strike. If it does, then I feel it not only moves my work along but feels great, too!

As does Barbera wine!

But I am somewhat troubled by studies that speak of an association between mind-wandering and problems like unhappiness and depression – and maybe even a shorter life expectancy. This research suggests that focusing one’s thoughts on the present moment is linked to well-being, while spacing out—which I personally do at times__is not.

However, new studies are bringing nuance to this science. Whether or not mind-wandering is a negative depends on a lot of factors—like whether it’s purposeful or spontaneous, the content of your musings, and what kind of mood you are in. In some cases, a wandering mind can lead to creativity, better moods, greater productivity, and more concrete goals.

Taken in large part from Jill Suttie, Psy.D., Greater Good’s book review editor and a frequent contributor to that magazine.

Yes! That may be where imagination, creativity and new ideas may reside!

By Halbarbera

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