The Cute Yellow Cat On the Red Rug Dreaming!

What do cats dream about or better yet scheme about?

Maybe their daytime activities, their favorite toys, catching a tasty mouse, or chasing their tails.

Just like us, cats use their in sleep to relive the the events of wakefulness so that the brain can process and organize the information. This is why kittens dream up to 80% of the time compared to 30% for adult cats.


Cats dream of catching mice, butterflies, birds, goldfish and balls. They also dream about saucers of milk/cream, minced salmon and meat. No wonder they say, “The Life of a Cat is Devine…lol…..!”

And our dog, Oreo, just loves them lizards, hard salami and used tissues! Cause they’re so fine!

By Halbarbera

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