Tony’s Beaten Beet Meatballs!

“I’ll make you a beaten beet meatball you will always refuse!”

Made-Chef Tony Spitsarelli:

“The Best Beaten Beet Meatballs I Did Never Eat.”‘ (Mob Voices, 1965)

Washing your hands before preparation is not recommended. It does spoil the flavor!

Beat the beet with a mallet, pealing first the beet, that is. Firmly hand mix into your personalized meatball as usual. And cook and serve over your favorite pasta and top with

la tua salsa di pomodoro piccante ideale!

But don’t laugh so that Tony can hear you. He may include you in his “swimming with the fishes” seafood special with you as a side beaten beet meatball!

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    1. Thanks! But don’t laugh where Tony can hear you! He will create his ‘Swimming With The Fishes’

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  1. … stee with you as the meat in the stew!

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  2. judybarbera says:

    Do love Tony, the Mafia made-chef!

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    1. Tony’s the best and the baddest!

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  3. You should write a cookbook!

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      I am! “Recipes for the Depressed, Totally Messed or Clinically Insane!”
      Your average blogger.

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