The Day My Following Reached 6…6…6!!! 😱

The day, August 4, 2019, the number of my followers hit 666!

You know what that means?




You idiot!

That really means nothing since most blogger follower numbers do eventually reach 666!

It’s just my excuse for another silly-assed, nonsensical, nonmusical post!



Well! The number 3 represents God, The Trinity!

Six is the number of Man!

Therefore, the number 666 here represents ‘Man as God!’ The Anti-Christ!

I didn’t know that!

Neither did I. I think I may have just made it up!

No! You idiot! It is true!

Josiesvoice says:

Whew! For a while there, I thought you were implying something like The Exorcist–Halloween’s coming, you know. That triple 6 connotes Satan–am not kidding. Have a nice day!

Of course I know that! The picture, the words, the fact that I’m totally insane! And again, the number three represents God, the Trinity! Six is the number of Man! So 666 may means ‘Man As God!?’ The Anti-Christ! No kidding on either side!

Armadillon Is Near!

Look to Election Day!

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


  1. Worked as a school nurse; had a diabetic kid I worked with. I had to call her mother a lot (she defied her illness, so called her mom A LOT), But the first 3 numbers of her phone number was 666. First time I had to call her mom, she said, “Don’t freak out. I didn’t pick the number.” LOL

    I did not the number of your followers, and now look; it’s changed. 667.

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