This Is Dope!

World War of the Blogs!

A very, very, very extraordinary reply to my post:

This is DOPE!!! Moises Ramos


This is ……

You are a stupid person?
Just information about a subject?
Like a varnish to the surface of a model aircraft?
I am just administering drugs?

This is ……

Very good like?
All of the above?
None of the above?
Or this was …

“Pure, unadulterated, unfunny, 100% unforgiving CRAP!!

WOW ………

Now that is definitely one hell of a reply!


And yes! Maybe I do surely deserve to

“Go to Hell?

Moises Ramos

Yea, you gave me a bit much on this one, was seeing into a future that does not exist in any timeline. It’s too bad, there were zombies made out of cotton candy and flying snakes as airplanes, it was DDDOOOOOOPPPPEEEE
-Public service of information 


“YES!!’ That Post Was Pure Dope!!’”

World War of the Blogs!

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates…🥴😳

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      1. And needles and hot spoons and, wait where was I going with this? You should reply to said person that “stupid is as stupid does.” 😮

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  2. Moises Ramos says:


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    1. Personally, I thought is was
      Kind of DOPEY!

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      1. Moises Ramos says:

        On the planes of existence, there is none quite as dope as you are sir, let madness reign supreme and let the art gods continue to bless you with creativity.

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    2. And the band played on
      And the world continued to spin
      And we all marched forward
      With DOPE on our chin!

      And that my friend …

      Is DOPE!!’

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  3. Quote the Smithster, Nevermore!

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  4. 🙂 I do not understand about what or whom you are wriring 💥 but your pictures always funny. and interesting 👍

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    1. Thanks! It was about a reply to a post I had written. The reply was like, This is ‘Dope!’

      I’m a right-hemisphere brain type. All about emotion and pictures as opposed to left-hemisphere logic and words!

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      1. I would roughly estimate that 75-90 % of human behaviour is not following any kind of logic although people ften pretend to be rational.

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      2. That’s surely me!

        Irrational Hal!

        No pretense here.

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  5. judybarbera says:

    Funny dope! But you surely do need more sleep!

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    1. Right on … loss of sleep leads to loss of mine mind!

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