Essentially Senseless In Seattle: Planet Earth!?

The five human senses are the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. These five human senses play a unique role by receiving signal information from the environment through the sense organs and relaying it to the human brain for interpretation.

The brain on receiving and interpreting the information tells the body how to respond. These senses are contained in specially adapted body sense organs that include the eyes, ears, skin, nose, and the tongue.






And finally we can’t really overlook the much overlooked but apparent nonsense!

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  1. judybarbera says:

    Cute, especially the drawings!

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    1. A sensible sense-filled senseless post and art work!

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      1. judybarbera says:

        WOW! The beginning of a post!

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  2. Amy Barbera says:

    Dad I love this cute drawing so much!!!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for like and comment!


  3. Nonsense is my favorite sense.

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      on WordPress

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