There is Some Wisdom in Numbers! You know?

Round and around the numbers-go-round we do go:

Is it One for the money?’

No! It’s ‘Two for the show!’

On Three, ‘it’s to get ready?’

No! No! There are Four really ready important words in life you know: love, honesty, truth and respect!‘ And add, ‘Steady as you go!’

Why are there so many Five ways to do this and Five ways to do that?’

Maybe it’s to stimulate our ‘Sixth Sense’ or maybe it’s just pure nonsense!

Have you ever been in Seventh Heaven?’

No! But I once ate there or was it ‘Behind the Eight Ball that I went!?’

Have you ever been really under the spell of ‘Love Potion No. Nine?’

Yes! But most often after drinking a little too much rosy-red Barbera wine!’


To which my wife expectedly asks,

‘What does that really mean!?’

Honey! Just trying to make rhyme!

Not trying to make any real sense!

and as the Koreans might say,

Man, you’re really Number 10!👎🏼

By Halbarbera

👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 The Flippant Side of the Far Side!? ...... Only Tony Spitsarelli's Shadow Really Knows for Sure!


      1. Since I was a little girl… (when the dinosaurs existed ha ha ) I noticed that 5 gave me good luck: I was 5 on the student list in my class, I was the 5th in the student line, I had 5 best friends, always. Every 5 years something awesome happens to me ( in between great things happen, but the 5th year is full with grrrreat things) I don’t know why, seriously, but 5 and multiples of 5 work great for me, LOL. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or just want to see it that way….but as long as it works, why not? he he

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      2. Well, with Nikola Tesla it was 3 and multiples of 3. He would not enter a
        Building unless he walked around the building 3 times. Nikola Tesla lived in both Room 3327 and Room 3328 in Hotel New Yorker from 1933-1943. Located in Room 3327 was Tesla’s safe where he locked his …


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