What Then Will Greet Us in Heaven?

Butterflies …. butterflies … zillions of Butterflies!”

An infinite number of dogs!



If cuteness accounts for anything, there should be a million or so of them too.

Especially if it’s your cat! And you know who you are!

And don’t forget those sad, wise owls!


  1. Dad I LOVE this soooooo much… What a cute picture and message about heaven!!! Jesus has so manty cute and beautiful things for us to see in heaven one day.. Cute Dogs, Cats, Butterflies and Those We Love & Miss Too! 🙂

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  2. are cat heaven and mouse hell the same place? And if so, what about dog heaven and groundhog hell? Just some thoughts to ponder…I like to believe my beloved Gracie (beagle) is in heaven with my parents, killing groundhogs…
    Thanks for sharing this!

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