An Easygoing Dog Indeed?

Havanese, the Cuban National Dog, are not the most easygoing dogs you see.

But Oreo, like most Havanese, is a very person-oriented dog. She loves snuggling on laps, licking feet, and can be a tad overly dependent. She does not do well at all when left for long periods of time without attention and companionship.

Yes! Oreo is an affectionate and happy dog that prefers being with her owners and having her belly rubbed.

She is intelligent and trainable. But does need socialization to prevent her from becoming timid with strangers.

And she does bark too much at some people, cars, trucks and other pups! And for some strange unknown reason, Cubans, especially if they come from Havana!

But she does so love lizards!

And this one particular dog!👇🏼

But surely not this cat!

Again, but maybe this cat!


  1. Awh Dad this is just such a CUTE post with all of Oreo’s Adorable pictures!!!!! You described her to a tee!!! She is our precious angel and gift from God!!!! We all love her so much!! 🙂


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