Prehistoric art,

desperate art

or maybe

just scribblings of




artless doodles

off their mark?

Or has your artistic well finally run dry!?

19 Replies to “Doodle Archaeology Art?”

  1. And by looking at this ancient, prehistoric art we can soundly deduce that the ancient Phoenecians ate a variety of chicken and dumpling soup which had a sour aftertaste, and that they preferred to use size seven spoons. In addition, Phoenecian women would often bake stroudle for desert, which the boys loved.

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  2. The Phoenicians traded all over the Mediterranean world, and hence did eat very well. Their diet lincluded olives, olive oil, Barbera wine, lamb, goat, cheese, garlic, honey, dried fish, soup, bread, watermelon, grapes, blueberries, and more. A huge variety of food from various cultures as a result of their trading ships.

    As far as size seven spoons and Phoenician Women, well Euripides’ late play The Phoenician Women is based on the same story as Aeschylus’ early tragedy, Seven Against Thebes. The play begins with a monologue by Jocasta, the queen of Thebes, in which she sums up the story of her son and husband, Oedipus, and the couple’s two sons, Eteocles and Polyneices, while eating chicken and dumpling soup followed by baked apple strudel desert.

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    1. 🧐… Well! The infamous subconscious is not, I believe, a second person in our head with which we can have a conversation. It is just the name we have given to some processes and information that underlie some aspects of our behaviour but of which we are not aware.

      How’s that for BS!?

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      1. 🤓 who’s to say those processes and information aren’t the source of that voice we identify with?….😐….🤔 And who is listening to that voice that stays so slient?🧐

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