I Got Them Twosday Antisocial Distancing Supermarket Coronavirus Blues!

Thanks again to The Hobby Blogger ………

Got them Twosday Antisocial Distancing Supermarket Coronavirus Blues ’cause I
always buy … to… two… too… much more than I can ever really use!

Got them ‘rainy-day-come-to-Jesus‘ supermarket Coronavirus blues ’cause it’s them ‘really or is that O’Reilly’ I’d like, man, not to choose!

Got them depressing, destressing, undressing, “please stop messin’ with me'” supermarket Coronavirus blues. Yes! If I’d could just so-muchly-on-a-crutchly; like ‘God-Almighty-Holier-Than-Thou’ choose to lose ……

And Finally,

I got them down-and-out, over-the-counter, sailor-take-warnin‘, Damn-Its-Twosday-the-Day-Before-Whensday; “Killin’ Me Softly Where Are My Shoes?” supermarket Coronavirus blues!

Especially when it comes to toilet and tissue paper which is hard to find and even get a chance to even choose!

Oh! If I could only discover, run-for-cover ‘R’ find a way not the virus choose ……

Yes! That I’d really, really, really like to surely or is that ShirleyLose!!!? ……

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  1. judybarbera says:

    Cute, funny and cool …

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      1. judybarbera says:

        That you! An overused cliche!

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  2. Still can’t believe you made this out of my story. You totally owned this one.😆😂

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  3. Reblogged this on The Hobby Blogger and commented:
    Amazing song by Joe Crocker.😆😂 Created by The Mysterious Blogger based on my previous post. 👏👏👏🎊🎉

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  4. macalder02 says:

    Your post is very special. It’s great

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Thank you indeed

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      1. macalder02 says:

        You are welcome

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