A Churchill Sunday Brunch at the Venice Inn

Peaceful, relaxing Sunday nosh at the Venice Inn:

Brunch, the boozy portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. A late morning nosh, an opportunity to socialize with family and friends while easing last-nights hangover with a cup of Java or the ‘hair of the dog;‘ and a melange of food and dishes.

Who even writes like this unless they’re feigning British!


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  1. judybarbera says:

    Very cheerful and pretty…

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  2. Food=Life says:

    I can say from being British a lot of people do and would speak or write in this manner, some people just don’t know how to express there words in a proper manner.

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    1. Fluent Snobbish! Or it is really just mere Gibberish!


      1. Food=Life says:

        Snobbish people tend to be posh in Britain and they usually have that posh manner when they speak, i’d Say that people who use this gibberish/slang is usually lower class/ working class.

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  3. Yes! Sometimes I like to write and speak fluent Snobbish!

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  4. Love that nosh.

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      We do fill up the refrigerator with all kinds of Nosh.

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