Stay in the Race!

Imagine that you are running a marathon. You take off like a rocket. The crowd is cheering. Adrenaline keeps you going at the beginning, but you lose momentum midway through the race. Despite the challenge, you are determined to finish in first place.

Although you trained for endurance, everything changed when you stepped on the track. You took off faster than planned, and others caught up quicker than expected. This prompted you to push harder. While it was great to start strong, you ended up falling behind.

Exhaustion tempted you to give in. It seemed more natural to quit, but it was too hard to give up. You had a choice; slow down and pace yourself or step off the track and stop. If you hoped to complete the race, you needed to change your pace. Your goal shifted from winning to merely staying in the race.

Pride set in, but humility seemed to win. Although you visualized being in first place, you were thankful to have at least maintained a steady pace. Confidence built up as you gained momentum. While you went backward, you got back on track. You were glad that you kept moving forward and that you didn’t turn back.

The next time you face a setback, keep this vision in mind. Slow down if you must. Keep going and maintain a steady pace. If you are tempted to step off the track, pull yourself together, and do whatever it takes to stay in the race.

Be Confident and Stay Strong


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  1. Amy Barbera says:

    Awh This is AWESOME Dad!!! That is Great you shared Julie’s post!!!! You are the BEST! 🙂

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  2. Halbarbera says:



  3. judybarbera says:

    Inspirational …

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  4. Sandi Staton says:

    I remember that race well. How could I ever forget the patrol car on my rear and the officer sticking his head out the window asking if I wanted a ride. DUMMY! Made me more determined than ever to stay in the race even if I had to crawl to the finish line. So what if I came in last! I finished. And that’s what I started out to do. I still feel good about that. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the race no matter how hard it is. Quitting is easy. Quitters never win and winners never quit!😊

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    1. Halbarbera says:

      Thanks. Julie will get back to you indeed!

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  5. Sandi Staton says:

    Can’t wait!😊

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